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You Will Definitely Want To Steal These Bridal Looks For Your Wedding | Bridal Inspiration Shoot

By TGB Desk / On October 13th, 2017

Hello Again Ladies,

It’s Friday night and weekend is coming up! And we are happy about that. We are also delighted to be able to share the photo shoot pics that we received just yesterday. Our hearts missed a beat when we clapped our eyes on this incredibly beautiful photo shoot. Pretty model, gorgeous outfits, beautiful jewelry, immaculate makeup and not to mention lovely photography – there is nothing not to love about it.

This beautiful shoot was first conceived by the super talented Makeup artist Viji Knr. And she was joined by a group of fabulous vendors who took it to the next level with their skill and talent. Wardrobe is by Jeevitha Perumal of Dsignd. And the whole shoot was so well captured by Jeevan Photography.

Oh, and by the way, before we let lovely Viji Knr tell us more about this photo shoot, we want to remind you guys to pin these pictures and have them handy for your own wedding.

From the Makeup Artist (Viji Knr)….

“We haven’t planned a lot for this shoot even though it looks like it’s been planned for days. One night, as I was watching television, I had a flash of an idea to do a photo shoot the next day. That very day we had received a huge collection of imitation jewelry that we had ordered and that triggered this idea, I guess. So, I thought, why not design and create a different look for each event with the help of makeup and jewelry. We decided to have just one model. I knew it would be a challenge as well as an opportunity. But I felt it would help me bring out the difference better.

I spoke to one of my good friends, Vidya Pradeep (an upcoming actress who is acting in quite a few South Indian films) and she gave her consent immediately. That’s when I started to speak to other vendors and to my surprise they came on-board even at such a short notice. All of us had a nice time working together. Will share a few bridal looks (both North and South Indian) which were created with the help of our amazing team. Hope these ideas will inspire you to try different looks and select one depending on your personal taste and the event.

So gorgeous, right? How flawless is the makeup! We just fell for the gorgeous jewelry and vibrant outfits. And it is a job well done by Team Jeevan Photography. They were successful in capturing the details so well!

Thank you very much Viji Knr and the rest of the team for coming up with such a beautiful photo shoot and sharing it with us.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Stay Happy!!!

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  1. Bharath says:

    She is looking gorgeous in these set of costumes. Especially lehenga is dazzling. She is looking very beautiful in saree also. Excellent photography. Excellent costume design and selection.

  2. hareram says:


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