When The Destiny Is Two Good | Wedding Story Of Nithya & Madhav

By TGB Desk / On June 6th, 2017

“If it is destined to happen it will definitely happen. No, really! I say this because I recently came to know, just before our wedding, that my hubby has seen my picture long before our wedding and fell in love” blushes the new bride.

Madhav gives us a smile and says “The moment I saw her photograph, I knew I had found the love of my life. And at that very moment I have decided that I would marry only her or never marry at all”. Nithya says “We had given my photograph to few marriage bureaus and that is where he saw it. We got a call from his family but it didn’t work out at that time as I was on-site for a project. After almost an year we got married. Can you believe it?”

Our Wedding Story

“It was a cold winter morning in Munich and I was rushing to work. My mom sent a message giving out the details of a prospective groom. But I just dismissed the notification as I was in a hurry. And that was the second time they tried to get in touch with us and I ignored it again.” she says with a ‘can-you-believe-it’ expression.

“I wasn’t doing it on purpose. Both the times I was on-site and in the middle of critical projects. But the second time my mom took special interest and spoke to his parents. Both the families met, exchanged horoscopes and decided its high time we meet. That’s when she insisted that I should take a look at his profile. So I got in touch with him and just few minutes into the conversation, I felt a strange familiarity with him. I came to India for a brief visit, we met and the rest, as they say, is history!”

She came back to India just before the wedding. “We used to spend hours together on phone as she was in Germany. We met once again just a couple of months before the wedding” says Madhav. Nithya laughs, playfully patting his back and says in an amused tone “So you remember everything! Don’t you?” 

“Of course, I do! I was the one in love! And that too, I was a bit stressed out as initially you haven’t responded at all!!” Madhav protests in mock anger. We all laugh as Madhav joins us.

Nithya turns all serious and says “All the credit goes to him. It is not at all surprising to wait for someone you love for an year. In fact, a lot of my friends waited for over an year to get married after getting engaged. But to wait for someone who doesn’t even respond is something different. You can say his persistence alone lead to our marriage. That way I am lucky!!”

Wedding Shopping

“I haven’t visited too many shops. To be frank, I didn’t have so much time before the wedding. I found all my wedding sarees at Varamahalakshmi store. They have such gorgeous silk sarees! I was totally confused when I looked at their collection. The only problem I faced was having to select a few from a huge collection of incredibly beautiful sarees. I finally bought a double shaded saree (in pink and orange) for the main event. I got all my bridal blouses and lehengas done by a lady who runs a boutique in my locality.

My mom bought all the wedding jewelry even before we thought of looking for alliances. So that was one less thing to worry about” she says, relief so evident on her face.

“On the day of my traditional bridal shower my grandmother came forward to bless me and she presented me with an antique gold necklace. It was gifted to her by her grandmother. I was so overwhelmed that I gasped when I took that heirloom necklace into my hands. It was incredibly beautiful! She hugged me to bless and said ‘Please hand it over to your granddaughter during her bridal shower. That’s my return gift’. No one can match the love of your grandparents!” recalls Nithya.

She adds “I really can’t thank Weddingscapes  enough for capturing all these priceless and precious moments. Was going through my wedding album the other day and had tears in my eyes when I saw this picture. A lot of photographers capture beauty really well. Not all can capture meaningful moments and create life time memories!”

How true!

Wedding Day Makeup

“I will have to make a special mention here of the makeup artist. Suman has done a fantastic job. I was little anxious but was absolutely elated beyond words when I saw my pictures. I looked fresh and flawless all through the day. It’s all thanks to her!!” says a visibly delighted new bride.

Special Moments

“I lost my father when I was sixteen and my mom brought me up single-handedly. I missed the physical presence of my father but my mom never let me miss any comforts of life in spite of his absence. She made sure I was given best of education” says Nithya.

And adds “She was the one who encouraged me in my career and gave me enough support when I had to travel extensively as part of my project. She is a very strong woman and my role model. But immediately after my wedding, she had tears in her eyes and a smile on her lips. Love makes you soft and strong at the same time, I guess. And she has a heart full of Love!!” Her eyes glisten with tears.

Funny Moments

“During ‘Ranganatha Yatra’ (it’s usually called ‘Kashi Yatra’ but since we are Vaishnavaites we call it ‘Ranganatha Yatra’) ceremony the groom steps outside the wedding altar and pretends to renounce this world and prepares to go to Sri Rangam (Kashi in case of Shivites) to lead an ascetic life and continue his studies. The brother of the bride requests him not to do so. He convinces the groom by saying that it isn’t a good idea and that he should enter ‘Grihastha Ashrama’ by getting married to his sister who is beautiful, good natured and very understanding.

The groom has to accept this proposal and enter the wedding mantap to tie the knot. That”s what usually happens but Madhav refused to enter the mantap how much ever my brother (cousin) tried to convince. They had a long discussion and when he refused to budge even after requesting for the nth time, my cousin forcefully carried him to the altar. Seeing this the whole crowd burst into laughter!” laughs Nithya. 

“We were really happy as our Spiritual Guruji has graced the event to bless us. We consider ourselves very lucky for having received his blessings! We had a beautiful wedding amongst friends and family” she adds.

Such a cute couple, isn’t it?! 

Thank you Nithya and Madhav for sharing memorable moments from your beautiful wedding. We wish you a life full of happiness and love!!

Stay Happy!!!

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