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By TGB Desk / On November 16th, 2017

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Today we’ve got an engagement ceremony of an absolutely adorable couple in Love. This gorgeous couple exchanged rings in a traditional ceremony amidst friends and family and was stunningly captured by Aa Photography.

Ready to check out some beautiful pics and know the story behind them? Alright, we will let you scroll down and enjoy….

How We Met

From the Couple…”When I came online that day, marriage was the last thing on my mind,” laughs Shakthi. It was the 1st of May and she was busy posting birthday wishes for her matinee idol Ajith. She never imagined that she would meet her soul mate, make him fall head over heels in love with her and eventually get married to him. “I am a die-hard fan of Thala Ajith and so wanted to post wishes on Instagram on the occasion of his birthday. All of a sudden, I received a message on my Instagram from a gentleman saying he found my profile on a matrimonial site and would like to speak to me for a couple of minutes. But I just ignored that message and went on with my work,” grins Shakthi.

“I’ve moved to Malaysia for work. And was facing parental pressure to get married and settle down. So had to create an account on a matrimonial website and had logged in for the first time on that day. Was browsing through the profiles rather disinterestedly. I came across her profile, took just one look at her picture and that’s it. I have decided that this is the woman I want to share my life with and grow old with. I just didn’t feel like looking at other profiles anymore. It felt wrong,” says Vivek, adding “It was love at first sight for me.” He pauses, smiles a little and looks at Shakthi. “But she didn’t bother to respond to my message. I felt devastated. Do you even know how tensed I was?” Shakthi says “Hmm. I don’t know what to say. Why would I respond to a stranger’s message?” She winks and smiles at Vivek.

“Anyway, when I was unable to control my anxiety any longer, I messaged her on the matrimonial website,” chuckles Vivek. “Now when I look back, it seems a little silly. But back then, I almost panicked,” he recalls. “Fortunately, my mom saw his message (she is the one managing my profile, you see) and asked me to reply immediately. That’s when I responded to his messages. First our parents got in touch with each other and then we spoke. There was an instant connection between us and I felt he is the one for me. We felt a strong bond and a connection to the past. I must have thanked my mom (& God) a million times. That very evening he proposed marriage and I didn’t wait for him to finish the sentence. I said yes,” she says. She doesn’t try to hide the glitter in her big beautiful eyes. We all smile looking at the joy so evident on her face. The new bride blushes a little and says “We got engaged in two months and married now. Oh, and by the way, we met just three days before our engagement. There was not even one awkward moment between us. Is there?” she looks at Vivek. “Yeah, it was as if two old friends were meeting after years apart. Ival enakaga dhan porandhiruka,” he lapses into Tamil and looking at our confused faces he decides to translate it for us “I mean, I always feel she is born for me. Or, rather, we are born for each other.” He sums it up so well! And as we take our leave, his words linger on. Ah, Love!

Thank you very much to Shakthi & Vivek for sharing their lovely pictures and most importantly, their how-we-met story with us. We wish you both a long and happy married life together!!

Stay Happy!!!

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