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By TGB Desk / On July 26th, 2017

“‘Please don’t be upset,’ my mom whispered to me, holding my hands, concerned that I would ruin my carefully done makeup. ‘Why are you crying? Do you want me to leave?’ my fiancé asked me in hushed tones. He looked at me, the worry in his eyes very evident. But nevertheless I continued to cry until my eyes turned red!” says Manaswini with a smile.

“Did she tell you where? All this was happening in the wedding mandap, amidst the cheers of friends and camera flashlights” recalls Prashanth and laughs.

“The moment I entered the wedding mandap I started crying. No, I liked the groom and have given my consent wholeheartedly. But it didn’t sink in (that I was about to get married and leave my parents’ home forever) until I entered the wedding altar. And that’s when tears welled up in my eyes and an overwhelming feeling of glum filled my heart!” she says.

“Hmm. And once we tied the knot she started laughing so much that we got worried all over again. So much for the ‘heart filled with overwhelming feeling of glum” he teases. Manaswini feigns annoyance but breaks into a smile.

Wedding Story
“Okay, let me start from the start. My parents had just started looking for alliances and had scheduled a meeting with the family of a prospective groom. The day we were supposed to meet them, I had high fever and was not really in the mood to get ready. My parents tried to reason with me saying I should dress-up a bit for the occasion. But I was adamant and opted for a simple dress, minimal jewellery and no makeup. I was wearing my reading glasses too. Can you believe it? I was very confident that this wouldn’t work. I have heard stories of arranged marriages where you meet a few prospective grooms before one gets finalised. But, nevertheless, I met him” laughs Manaswini.

“He seemed to be a very introvert person, but being the talkative that I am, I spoke about everything under the sun! He listened to me in rapt attention, asked me just two simple questions and then left without a word. I felt he would reject me outright for talking so much on our first meeting” she says and adds “After he left, I wished I hadn’t said so much. On top of it, my friend started teasing me saying there is a good chance that he would think I was delirious in fever” she doubles up in laughter.

“But after a couple of days, we received a positive response. I was shocked but was overjoyed as I had liked his calm demeanor. And we got married within a month of meeting!” she says.

“Oh, and please don’t think that we got married just because our parents asked us to. From the time we met for the first time until we got married, we must have met almost every day. And every time we met, we fell for each other over and over and over again” she asserts. Blush very evident on her cheeks.

And adds “He might be an introvert to the world, but when we are together, time just flies by. There is not even one quiet moment. And by the way, our professions are complementary too. He is into Constructions business and I am a qualified architect. You see what I mean?” she asks, excitement gleaming in her eyes.

Wedding Shopping
“I am an only child and so had to do everything on my own. I have fourteen cousins but unfortunately none of them couldn’t attend my wedding due to short notice. But my friends came to my rescue and took every single thing off my hands.

They let me have my bride time, for which I am really grateful. I am really lucky to have such friends who showered me with love and made my wedding memorable” she says and adds “But when it came to pulling my leg, they didn’t spare me”.

“I have requested a designer friend to design outfits for both of our families. And he did such a fabulous job! He is now setting up a designer house and I am super happy for him. And by the way, all my jewellery was made to order” she explains.

When asked about the wedding décor “We actually haven’t hired any wedding décor vendors. I always believed in local talent and so hired local artists for my wedding. For my traditional bridal shower ceremony, we made use of the flowers and coconut leaves from our farm. I feel that’s what has lent an authentic touch to my wedding.”

Overwhelming Moment
“Like I said, I am an only child and I came a bit late in my parents’ life. My dad is very close to me. He is my friend, philosopher, guide, confidante and partner in crime. From the day the wedding date was set, I had become very busy with the wedding planning. My friends took over but I was the one who was coordinating. And I hadn’t noticed that my dad had become silent from being jovial and humorous. I had noticed it only in the wedding mandap. He had a faraway look in his eyes. That’s when the truth hit me with full force. I realised that in a matter of few hours I would leave my parents’ home forever! And that’s when I cried” she says with a choked voice.

Funny Moment(s)
“There are too many to recount” she says and adds “but there are a couple of incidents that stand at the forefront of my memory. We had a couple of bachelor parties for all our friends. But we wanted to have one more party and we couldn’t as I had my traditional bridal shower ceremony on that day.

As per tradition, the bride is not supposed to step out of the house after the bridal shower and so we didn’t know what to do. And my friends had a brainwave! They said ‘if you cannot step out of the house, let’s party at your home. That way, you need not step out and we can still party’. So all the guests at home got a shock of their life as they witnessed the most boisterous party of their life” grins Manaswini.

“Oh and by the way, I have to tell you this. Like I said, I was coordinating everything and couldn’t stop that even when I was in the wedding altar. Imagine a bride all decked up in her wedding finery constantly shouting on the top of her voice for updates. So there I was, trying to concentrate on the mantras and at the same time screaming at a friend to check if ice cream was sufficient for the guests. All my friends and relatives joke about it all the time. It was quite embarrassing back then but now whenever I think about it, I crack up laughing” she cracks up again.

What an adorable couple?!

Congratulations Manaswini & Prashanth! Many many thanks to you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us.

Want to check out their beautiful wedding video? Here you go – 

Stay Happy!!!

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