When Dreams Come True | Keerthana & Satheesh

By TGB Desk / On December 5th, 2016

“We know that you would completely forget us after your wedding!” exclaimed my parents with a smile on their lips and tears in their eyes. “Your in-laws’ house is filled with so much happiness and joy that we ourselves forget all our worries when we are there for few hours and we can imagine how happy you would be when you become their family member. You are very lucky!!” they said this just a few days before my wedding.

That’s the moment I felt all my dreams have come true and I have made the best decision of my life – choosing Satheesh as my life partner. Let me tell you our love story –

We both met at a coaching centre and quickly became good friends. We used to share our class notes but never thought we would share our future. And when we exchanged our phone numbers we never felt we would exchange our hearts one day.

All of a sudden, after about a couple of months, Satheesh stopped coming to the classes and I got tensed as he wasn’t responding to my calls or messages. He came back after 15 days and then I came to know the reason for his absence. He had met with a minor accident. I felt those were the longest 15 days in my entire life. Most probably he felt the same because from good friends we graduated to close friends immediately after that incident. But mind you, we were still friends! 🙂

We din’t know when and how it happened. It was time for us to part our ways as we were done with our coaching classes. That’s when it hit us full force and we realised it for the first time. But we decided that we would take it forward only after we settle down in our lives. And that’s what we did.

Initially, there was little resistance from my family but his family accepted our decision wholeheartedly. My parents agreed to it when they understood my feelings and after getting to know him. They felt the guy is really good but they were still a little apprehensive.

But once they met his parents and started meeting them on a regular basis to discuss about the wedding preparations they were totally convinced. And that’s when they felt I am going to forget them after my wedding. But what I din’t tell them was that, with their love and affection, my in-laws would keep reminding me of my parents every second of my life! 🙂

And that’s how our dream wedding took place with the blessings of both the families amidst lot of love and joy!

A few more pictures from this beautiful couple…

About the Photographer from the Bride – We really don’t know if we can praise Dilipan enough for his excellent photography on our wedding day! He is definitely one of the talented photographers we have and he always strives to capture the best moments. Highly recommended if you want to work with a thorough gentleman and a true professional. Oh, and by the way, our post wedding photo shoot at Yercaud was awesome and the output was too good!

Hope you loved reading today’s post!

Stay Happy!

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