When A Wedding Photographer Gets Engaged, We Know It’s Going To Be Gorgeous | Satya Devineni & Aslesha

By TGB Desk / On August 10th, 2017

As usual, we were having our weekly meeting today and that’s when we received a call. It was from one of our photographer friends, who is getting married the coming weekend, with an adhoc request. It was an unusual request from someone who knew our working style. We adhere to our editorial calendar very religiously and do not deviate from it under normal circumstances. But when our team came to know about it, his request was approved unanimously.

Oh, and did we tell you what the request is all about? The groom wanted us to publish his engagement pics today as a surprise to the bride-to-be (How romantic is this?! ). We couldn’t say no now, could we? We strongly believe that when it comes to love, there are no rules! None at all!!

As we are publishing it right now, the bride and the groom must be dancing away to glory (It’s their Sangeet tonight and they have to practice their moves, you see)!

All set to see some gorgeous pics? Here we go –

From the groom…”Ours is an arranged marriage. The first time we met, we were very apprehensive. But as we spoke, both of us were in for a shock. There were so many things in common between us. For instance, we are from same city, we share our birthdays and the first two letters of our names are common. Do you know? Even our moms’ names are same! Can you believe it?!” says Satya, his voice layered with excitement.

“So it didn’t take much time to break the ice and within no time, we struck a conversation. And then it’s all a blur. We really don’t know when we fell for each other. All I remember is the logo that I made with the first two letters of our names (for our wedding card). I gave it to her along with a jar full of mints and Hershey’s milk chocolate kisses.That was my first gift” he smiles.

“She is a fashion designer and we both provided services to the same clients in the past. But surprisingly we never came across each other!” he remarks and adds “Her work is really good and I came to understand that she is very passionate about designing. In fact, she has designed her entire wedding trousseau herself and people have been raving about her designs. Currently, she is operating out of a Brick & Mortar store and doesn’t have an online presence. I felt her work would reach many more people if she has an online store. So, as my contribution to her venture, I made a logo for her online boutique. I gave it to her when I met her the second time. She was really impressed and I guess that sealed the deal for her” laughs Satya.

“I wanted to give her a third gift before our wedding and that’s when I remembered The Gorgeous Bride. I felt it would make her immensely happy if our engagement pics get published on TGB. So can you do it, please? I just can’t wait to see the smile on her face when she sees our engagement pics!”

Awww! Right?

Congratulations on your engagement and best wishes! Thank you Satya for making us a part of your special day!!

Stay Happy!!!

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  1. Mohan says:

    Superb annaya
    Congrats Happy engaged moments
    Nice event
    Nice photography

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