When A Tam-brahm Guy Met A Telugu Brahmin Girl | Snigdha & Janardhan

By TGB Desk / On February 9th, 2017

“During the Oonjal ritual my son did something unexpected, he lifted her up and put her on the jhoola (swing) as he felt it was a tad bit high! And she blushed at this gesture of his” smiles Rama pointing towards her daughter in law. “Yeah, it was completely out of the blue but very sweet” Snigdha blushes again and we all smile looking at the coy bride.

“How we met?” Story

“It started when our respective dads forwarded our online matrimony profiles to each other which led to our first three-hour-long phone call. Then came along a five-hour Skype call in a couple of days and needless to say we knew that our wavelengths matched perfectly. Our long discussions continued for about two months.

From artificial intelligence to politics to locomotive engines — we discussed everything under the sun. We could effortlessly speak to each other for hours on end and could have goofy as well as profound conversations with equal ease. That’s when we finally realised that we both had found a perfect life partner” recalls Snigdha.

On enquiring as to what made her say ‘Yes’ she says “We first met in San Diego and the moment I met him I felt he is someone who could turn me into a better person and is fun to be around! He is very unique in terms of his interests and tastes, meticulous, responsible and has a great sense of humour!!

Above all he is very understanding. That’s when we gave our consent for the wedding. Our wedding was a beautiful blend of rituals from both cultures. Our happy pictures tell the story that followed”.

My Shopping Experience

Like every other Telugu girl I dreamt of being dressed as a traditional Telugu bride one day with an alluring Poola Jada (braid adorned with fresh flowers). Believe it or not, I had it all chalked out in my head, down to the colour combinations and the blouse designs. And when I saw it all materialise at Varamahalakshmi Silks, I was jubilant.

I just had to utter the words Red & Gold for the reception saree and Mustard & Gold for the wedding muhurtam saree. As if by magic, the shop assistant presented two gorgeous Kanjeevaram sarees that matched the picture in my mind down to the last detail. I just knew that I didn’t need to look any further – my wedding saree shopping was done and I walked out of the store one happy girl! 🙂

To top it all, I had an amazing Iyengar-style madisar saree in traditional colours of Green & Red, presented to me by my mother-in-law which I wore for the ‘tying of the Taali’ (adorning the neck of the bride with a sacred necklace) ceremony. She also bought a couple of other sarees — a beautiful pink raw silk saree for the engagement and an MS Blue raw silk saree. I am waiting for an occasion to show off the lovely blue saree.

Like my one stop shop saree shopping, Malabar Gold had all I needed to glitter away to glory on the big day. A temple jewellery necklace with a Goddess Lakshmi Pendant, a long haaram encrusted with Rubies and Emeralds and a surprise gift of a Kempu (Ruby) necklace set from my beloved aunt perfectly matched with all of my wedding sarees.

Oh, and not to forget the fun shopping trip to chudi bazaar in charminar, Hyderabad where the bangle seller bhaiyyas made sure I brought back perfectly matching happy jingles in red and gold! 🙂

Fun Moments

“As part of Kashi Yatra, which is an important ritual in South Indian weddings where the bride’s brother requests the groom to give up the idea of leading an ascetic life and accept his sister’s hand in marriage, groom’s sister was asked by the priest to apply kajal on the eyes (to ward off evil) of the groom. Everyone had a good laugh as the kajal spread all over his eyes!” laughs Snigdha.

She looks at her mother-in-law thoughtfully and adds “Interestingly, during the same time, the photographer captured my mother-in-law looking really concerned wanting to wipe Janardhan’s eyes, while everyone else was enjoying the moment – another affirmation of the unconditional love of a mother”.

Wedding Photography

“We worked with two photographers — Alejandra and Ramkumar for different events in our wedding. It was a delight to work with both of them. Our pictures were just incredible and we love every single photo. They have captured all the events so perfectly and the photography is just awesome!” she says and adds “All the pictures are lovely. Don’t you think so?!” she looks at me and smiles. I respond with an affirmative nod and a smile.

A few more pictures from their beautiful wedding –

Getting ready for the big day…

There is definitely something poetic about a bride who has flowers in her hair!

With both sets of parents

Bride being carried to the wedding altar by her maternal uncles

That moment when you look into each others eyes for the first time!

Love their smiles

                      The Knot!

Man and Wife!

At this moment…she trembled, blushed and her glances fell! 🙂

Post Wedding couple shoot

Congratulations Snigdha and Janardhan! May you have a wonderful married life filled with love, care and happiness!!

Stay Happy!!!

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