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By TGB Desk / On August 29th, 2017

Hello Folks! We at TGB HQ feel that there is something about traditional weddings that makes them endearing. They tug at the good ole heart-strings a little. Isn’t it?! So when one of our favourite photographers sent us these wedding pics, we instantly decided to publish them.

Swathy & Harish got married in an insanely beautiful and fun-filled wedding ceremony. The day was laced with love, joy and happiness. The entire wedding party was bursting with verve and vivacity! We just love how colourful and beautiful the celebration was!

Their traditional Tam-Brahm wedding ceremony was beautifully captured by Dilipan Photography.

Our Wedding Story

“We first met as colleagues. He had come to our office as part of Audit team. He used to work closely with our team for inputs,” says Swathy and adds “Initially, we were just colleagues and nothing more! In fact, there were times when I was a bit irritated with him.” “What? You never told me this! And when did I irritate you?” asks Harish in a surprised tone. “Hmm. Our team had a lot of work and on top of that we had to provide inputs as and when requested for. So, yes I was a little peeved about him for giving us all the extra work” grins Swathy. “Oh, come on!” he says, rolling his eyes, “I was just doing my job!!”

“Slowly, we started waving at each other across our cubicles and then used to exchange smiles. One fine day, I found his profile on Facebook and sent him a request on an impulse” she says. They used to chat occasionally and in one of the conversations they came to know that they are from the same place – Palakkad, Kerala. “That day we were so excited that we decided to meet for a coffee. It calls for a celebration, you see! Meeting someone from your home town, in a city where everyone is a stranger, feels amazing. Isn’t it?” She pauses to look at us.

Her eyes twinkle as she says, “Gradually we became friends. No, we haven’t started liking each other immediately. Not yet. First, I fell in love with his Royal Enfield bike,” she giggles and says “On the day we met for coffee, both of us said our good byes and walked together to the parking lot. That was the day I first had a close view of RE in action. Harish started it and thundered off into the distance. And I fell head over heels in love with that machine.” “And I used to like her Scooty,” says Harish. “Seriously, it’s so easy to maneuver on city roads,” he laughs.

Gradually they became thick buddies. “For over an year, we had endless coffee dates and bullet rides. And finally we decided to get married with the blessings of our families. My family was aware of our relationship but I was still contemplating the best way to introduce him to them. And do you know what he did?” she asks pointing towards him.

“Once when I was out of town, he went to my place without my knowledge, introduced himself to my mom, had lunch, took a selfie with her and sent it to me on Whatsapp with a caption ‘See! I found a new friend!!’ On that day, I fell for him all over again. Really! And my mom was super impressed with him,” As she says this, the twinkle in her eyes is hard to miss.

She continues “Our families were more than happy to give us their consent. Turns out our families knew each other for a very long time. And somehow we both never came across each other!” smiles Swathy.

Fun Moment(s)

“He got a very good opportunity in Dubai and had to shift. And when he came along with his family to officially seal the alliance, all my cousins started shouting ‘Vaango Dubai Mapla!!’ to his horror. It means ‘Welcome Dubai groom!!’ in Tamil. It’s a joke but you should have seen his face. He looked as if he wanted to run right back to Dubai,” laughs Swathy and winks at Harish. She adds “It didn’t stop there! They kept chanting ‘Dubai Mapla Weds Chennai Ponnu’ until after our wedding.” “Oh, I was just pretending that way. In fact, I was enjoying it,” says Harish. And now it’s Swathy’s turn to roll eyes. She says “We keep fighting like this the whole day. Just for fun, of course. But when it comes to food, we are best of friends. Both of us are foodies and we love exploring new cuisines. Our tastes match (quite literally) by 100%!”

“Usually there is not much of dancing in South Indian weddings. But we wanted to have a DJ night after reception for friends and cousins who helped us a lot in our journey. We were a bit apprehensive as to how the elders in the family would take it as both of us come from very orthodox families. Nevertheless, we went ahead with our original plan. But the moment the music started, all the guests including senior citizens started grooving. And all the younger members of the baraat forgot their moves looking at the senior members. Oh, so much fun we had!

It was an amazing evening!!”

Wedding Shopping

“I am not much of a shopping person. But I couldn’t escape shopping as it was my own wedding. I was working so I had to finish my shopping during weekends. All my wedding sarees are from the Silk City, Kanchipuram. My mom used to accompany me on all my shopping escapades until my wedding. We both had so much fun together. I really cherish those days. Oh, how much I miss her! Can’t believe I am thousands of miles away from her now” she smiles but a glistening tear escapes one of her kohl-lined eyes.

Special moments

“When we first started our relationship, he used to surprise me every single day. He does that even now from time to time,” laughs Swathy and adds “For instance, he once greeted me outside my gym early in the morning. And to do that he bunked his CA Classes. Can you imagine?!! I know how important those classes are and the very fact that he chose to be with me by foregoing those classes shows how much I mean to him. I keep telling him that he is the best thing that has happened to me ever!” The smile on her face is unmatched for!!!

“A few mornings we used to take long walks on the beach. We used to frequent a small beach side hotel for heavy breakfast (didn’t I tell you that we both love food?) and then go home. Ah, those were the days! How I miss namma Chennai, our long walks, yummy dosa and awesome chai” she says with a forlorn look in her eyes.

“Immediately after tying of the knot ceremony, Harish bent forward to kiss my forehead. Oh, that was when it sank in. That’s the moment I realised that we were married. Finally!!”

Wedding Photography

Team Dilipan Photography has done a spectacular job! We are completely in love with our wedding album. They have captured every little detail and every special moment of our wedding day. Can’t thank them enough!

Isn’t it such a gorgeous wedding?!

Thank you very much Swathy & Harish for sharing your beautiful wedding story and pictures! Here is wishing you both a wonderful marriage full of love, joy, and friendship!!

Stay Happy!!!

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