Wedding Story Of A Gorgeous Couple Whose Love Transcended Space And Time | Sahithi & Sandeep

By TGB Desk / On May 13th, 2017

“Even now, while having morning cup of coffee or dinner, we look at each other and wonder why we didn’t confess our feelings a little earlier?! I mean, we were relatives and our families were very close to each other. There was nothing that could stop us from getting married if we wanted to. We knew we had feelings for each other but we let those feelings simmer in our hearts rather than express them” sighs Sahithi.

“It took 8 long years for us to tie the knot. I really wish we would have expressed our affection for each other a little earlier. That way, I would have an opportunity to spend a few extra years holding his hands! If only I could reset the time!!” she takes a deep breath and smiles.

Our Wedding Story

“I saw him for the first time when I was in my 2nd year of college. He came home along with his father. It was just a casual visit. I was not very keen on meeting them at first. But my aunt (mom’s sister) was successful in raising my curiosity by praising the guy. She went on and on about his good looks and qualities. So I went and saw him on the pretext of serving coffee to the guests.

I secretly agreed with my aunt on the looks part (he was really handsome) but felt nothing at that point of time. When my aunt tried to broach the subject I just laughed it off” recalls Sahithi. She adds “We ran into each other quite a few times after the first meeting but nothing much happened. I guess both of us were scared that if something goes wrong it would affect both the families. And a lot of people would get involved as we were close relatives”.

A couple of years later they met again at a family function.”We went to his place as it was their house-warming ceremony. I wore a simple salwar kameez and paired it with a stunning red bandhini dupatta. As soon as we got there we were welcomed warmly. After exchanging pleasantries, all the ladies got down to work. I eventually got bored of listening to stories of their recent shopping escapades and so was chatting with my friend over phone. That’s when I saw him staring at me from a distance” Sahithi points to him and laughs.


“No, I wasn’t. I think I was lost in thoughts and was looking at you inadvertently” protests Sandeep. Sahithi rolls her eyes “Oh yeah! You were totally staring at me!” she says with a naughty glint in her eyes and continues “but that was pretty much the last time we met before going on our own ways”. She left for USA for her further studies while he landed in Australia.

“I really don’t know why but I messaged him on facebook again a couple of years later. We exchanged our phone numbers and we used to chat continuously for hours together. I used to ignore his messages for a few days, on purpose, to see his reaction. But he never lost his temper. This went on for a while. One fine day, he popped the question. I was so shocked, it took me one whole day to digest the fact” laughs Sahithi. She adds “I thought either he was joking or I was day dreaming. But I was elated with joy. I promptly said ‘Yes’ the next day” smiles the new bride.

They met again at India to seal the deal and they got married exactly a year after that meeting. “Our parents were more than happy when they came to know of our decision. After all is said and done, my aunt had the last laugh! She teases me even today for not taking her words seriously when she told me that we would make a good pair, years back, on the day we first met” says Sahithi.

We had a very traditional wedding amidst great rejoicing with family and friends!

Wedding Shopping

When asked about her wedding shopping she says “We wanted to coordinate our wedding attire and so we opted for ‘make-to-order’ outfits. For traditional bridal shower I chose a royal blue silk saree with peacock motifs. I have purposefully opted for a pink blouse with minimal embroidery. I settled for a guttapusala haaram which is in vogue. I decided to go for a golden-yellow Kanjeevaram saree with huge border for my wedding. All my Wedding silk sarees are from Kanchipuram.” says the ever smiling bride.

“I do not like diamonds or white stones. Somehow they don’t appeal to me. So, I decided on a gorgeous copper coated gold mango mala with nakshi design. Mangatrai has best Nakshi design jewellery. My necklace has contemporary lace design and a chandbali pendant”.

She adds “While we are on the subject, we need to speak about the outfits that I picked up for my pre-wedding photo shoot. It took me 2 months to put these outfits together for the shoot. I selected a knee-length frock in baby pink from Nordstrom, USA and teamed it up with Jewellery from Dillards, USA.


In addition, I got a ball gown custom designed from Germany – a burgundy number that’s fit for a princess. It complemented my skin tone so well that I keep falling in love with it every single time I look at my pictures” says Sahithi amidst giggles. “Oh, and by the way, I wore a bandhani saree – just for old times’ sake” she said.

Special Moment

“I can never forget the moment our eyes met immediately after ‘Terasella’ ceremony. I couldn’t help but smile at my hubby. And I was trying very hard to fight the urge to blush. At that moment, I felt we were a match made in heaven” recalls the blushing bride.

Funny Moment

“I always wanted to taste alcohol once but along with my hubby after marriage. The plan was to get drunk and forget the rest of the world” grins Sahithi. “A couple of days after our wedding, we threw a huge party to our friends and cousins. We danced the whole night. We were super tired and left for home in the wee hours of the morning. We started walking as our house was just round the corner and then all of a sudden he passed out. Apparently, he had more cocktails than I thought he did. I then had to carry him all the way home. Can you imagine? It was so hilarious” she laughs.


Team Yeluguri consists of extremely talented wedding photographers. When we met the team for the first time, they were very patient in explaining even the minutest of the details. Lakshmikanth was absolutely amazing and we had a hard time selecting few photos for our wedding album. The pictures are outstanding and we couldn’t be happier with the quality and the service. Highly recommended!

Don’t you think their wedding is a proof that distance and time doesn’t matter if you really love someone!

Thanks so much to the beautiful and very much in love couple – Sahithi & Sandeep for sharing their love story that defied distance, for our blog! Here is wishing you a lifetime of wedded bliss!!

Stay Happy!!!

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