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By TGB Desk / On July 21st, 2017

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Hyderabad based photographer Photriya Venky has taken some time out of his busy schedule to chat with us about weddings and his love for photography. It has always been an honour to share his gorgeous pictures on our blog. And now it’s a dream come true to be featuring an interview with this incredibly talented photographer!

His pictures are striking. His photography is classic yet fresh and that’s what renders it timeless. We have to say, there is an artistic quality to every picture that he makes. All his pictures are so beautiful, they should be framed and preserved for posterity!

So all set to know a bit more about your favourite photographer? Yes? Here you go…

What drew you to photography?
I come from a very orthodox Purohits family and my father, who is a Vedic scholar, used to perform weddings. In my teens, I used to accompany him as his assistant. But my whole concentration used to be on the wedding photographer. I used to keenly observe how the photographer is documenting the wedding. That’s precisely when I fell in love with the Camera! The first time I held the Camera, I was filled with strange sense of joy and wonder. It was magical! Once I realised I could freeze time with my Camera, there was no stopping me.

What’s the story behind your brand name – Photriya?
There is no big story to be told. The name is a combination of my first love (Camera) and my best love (my wife, Priya).

What do you consider your big break?
My growth has been organic and consistent to date. I had work every single day from .

You have a lot of experience in various genres of photography. What do you like about photographing weddings?
I am a professional photographer and I have experimented with a lot of genres. But weddings give me an opportunity to capture beautiful human emotions. And that’s what I like best about photographing weddings.

If you ask me what I specifically like about photographing an Indian wedding, I would say documenting the proceedings that happen at the time of ‘Muhurtam’. Especially in South Indian weddings, muhurtam time is considered very auspicious and cannot be missed at any cost. And that’s when it gets as chaotic as it can get. You need to witness it to believe it. Everyone is in such a rush and no one is in a position to stop, smile and pose for us to take pics. And we need to capture everything right from sparkling diamonds in the bride’s jewellery to the glistening tears in her mom’s eyes! And that too without being intrusive. I get a high every time I freeze those 30 crucial minutes with my camera!

Every photographer has his own, unique style. What is your’s?
As cliched as it may sound, not having a style is my style. No, really! I adjust my style according to the situation but I make sure to leave my mark on every image. I approach each wedding with an open mind and work according to the situation and the need.

What is it that inspires you?
I get inspired by a lot of things and people every day. But if you ask me to pick that one thing that inspires me then it would definitely be the ‘Smiles’ on the face of the couple. Yes, the moment the couple lay their eyes on their wedding album they smile and that smile inspires me to no end.

We all know that not every wedding is perfect. How do you find good backdrops?
To be frank, I do not believe in backdrop, costumes or makeup. As a wedding photographer, I feel it’s my responsibility to capture beautiful moments and turn them into life time memories.

Tell us something – Not all clients are natural before Camera. A lot of them are camera-shy. How do you manage this situation?
Yes, a lot of people find the camera very intimidating. So we get them to relax by speaking to them. A bit of humour helps you to break the ice, connect with them quickly and get to know them better. Once they get comfy in front of the camera, consider the job half done!

Is there a dream wedding location where you would love to capture a wedding?
Jaipur! I would love to capture a Telugu wedding in all its traditional splendour set against the grandeur and heritage of Jaipur palace. The luxury, the classy elegance, the spellbinding architecture radiating old world charm and the Rajputana regality would add a royal vibe to the wedding. A once-in-a-lifetime venue for a once-in-a-lifetime event! It would be a fantastic experience. Hope I get the opportunity someday!

Do you have a favourite wedding that you have worked on?
Yes, I do! We had an opportunity to photograph famous Industrialist Mr. Ravi Pillai’s daughter’s wedding. It was a multiple day wedding extravaganza with a whopping crowd of 45,000 guests. It would be an understatement to say that the planning was impeccable from start to finish. We were a 7 member team working along with 7 other photography teams. I was really happy when our trailer became a hit. I believe my years of experience in photography stood me in good stead.

As a wedding photographer, you get to attend a lot of weddings. Do you have any advice to share with the couples to help their most important day go more easily for all?
You would remember your wedding day forever and so you should leave no stone unturned in making it special and memorable. Take time out of your busy schedule to sit with your wedding planner and plan every minute of your important day. I can’t emphasize how important this is! I have seen couples who get stressed out about wedding in the last-minute due to poor planning. Remember that your photos will reflect how you feel. So plan and plan well.

Any tips as to how to select a wedding photographer?
Many couples just browse through the facebook pages of wedding photographers and select one. Do this only if you want to be disappointed at the time of going through your wedding album. Take a bit of your time to speak to the photographers before you zero in on one. If you and the photographer are not based out of same city then go ahead and use the technology – skype, facetime or mobile. Call them! Let them know your requirements and listen to what the photographer has to say. Only then choose someone who suits your requirements and you would cherish your wedding pictures for eternity!

We understand that you conduct photography workshops regularly. Tell us a bit about it…
Personally, I love to share my knowledge as I believe that there is no competition in an art field. Honestly, I feel I have gained as much knowledge as the workshop attendees. It actually helped me with networking and spreading word about my photography services.

In fact, we are conducting a workshop in Vizag this weekend and am looking forward to it.

With this he flashes his trademark smile and signs off!

Phew! Beautiful pictures, isn’t it? We are still swooning over these gorgeous pictures. What about you guys? Want to see some more? Check out their work here –

Website –

Facebook – Photriya Photography

Instagram – Photriya Venky

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Stay Happy!!!

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