We Bet You Have Never Seen An Engagement Ceremony Like This Ever Before | Harika Sadineni & Sri Surya Teja Manavarthi

By TGB Desk / On November 28th, 2017

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We are back again with another gorgeous engagement ceremony to inspire you this evening! We always love it when we receive pictures from photographers, especially from the insanely talented ones who elevated photography to an art form. The other day we heard from a photographer friend who wanted to share beautiful pictures from an engagement ceremony with all of us. Even before checking out (the pictures), we knew we were going to feature it on our blog. And when we actually saw the pictures, we instantly fell in deep love with the event. It’s full of colours, love, happy smiling people and beautiful details.

But if you ask us to pick just one detail that’s absolutely oh-so-pretty then it has to be the bride’s attire. It’s pure elegance. Trendy and stylish yet very traditional. Colorful yet not over the top. She looked every inch a diva. “As far as I can remember, mom has been my personal stylist. She runs a boutique and her clients love her designs to bits. Her creations are classic, colorful and trendy. She says if you want to look good, then the emphasis should be on both “style and comfort”. Well, like they say, style without comfort is not functional and comfort without style is no fun! So I was not at all worried about my wedding shopping as my mom was at the helm. I didn’t have to try them (the outfits) on before the actual event – they were that perfect!” says a visibly beaming Harika, with sparkles in her eyes.

Harika and Surya Teja got engaged in an extravagant ceremony and we are super excited to be sharing their beautiful photographs by Satya Devineni Photography.

Now, let’s get started and check out their pictures…

Gorgeous, right? From the adorable smiles to beautiful outfits to stunning details, we love it all! What an adorable couple, and what an outstanding ceremony!

Thank you very much to the lovely couple Harika & Surya Teja, and of course Satya Devineni Photography for sharing some exquisite pictures with us! May you both have a wonderful married life filled with surprises, love and happiness!!

Stay Happy!!!

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