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Utterly Romantic & Effortlessly Chic Couple Shoot That Will Definitely Win Over Your Heart | Mounika & Guna

By TGB Desk / On March 20th, 2019

Hello All,
Today, we’ve got a gorgeous couple shoot from one of the most vibrant cities in India – Udaipur. It’s a city where you are bound to get lost in the magic of mewar. It has an air of charm and character that mesmerises anyone!

With its magnificent monuments and gorgeous lakes, Udaipur presents a perfect backdrop for romantic couple shoots.
So when we received some stunning pictures from a photo shoot in Udaipur, we just knew we had to share. The pictures by Ashwin Kireet Photography are absolutely drool-worthy. But what captured our heart is the love story of the couple and how their smile lit up their faces around each other.

From the bride Mounika…”It all started in the fall of 2016. I just finished my graduation and relocated to New York from Ohio for a job. I was feeling lonely in the new city and struggling without my friends. So one of my friends decided to cheer me up by paying me a visit. He invited one of his college seniors (who happens to be in the same city) to come along. And that’s how I met him. The first time I saw him and thought, ‘Oooh. He’s so handsome’. But the whole evening we didn’t speak at all. I definitely qualify as a chatter box, but in front of him, I was tongue-tied. Obviously, I was in love,” Mounika laughs. “Before we parted ways for the evening, we exchanged our phone numbers. And I messaged him first,” grins the new bride. So they slowly made friends with each other and started meeting casually. “He never had any inclination but I strongly believed that we were made for each other,” says Mounika, blushing a little.
This went on for a few months. They had visited their respective families in India but they never mentioned anything about each other. Even when their parents mentioned indirectly that it’s time for them to settle down. “One day when I was at Ikea with my cousins, I received a call from Guna. Honestly, I knew something was going to happen even before I took his call. My heart skipped a beat and then it beat fast.” She pauses to look at Guna. “What actually happened was way more dramatic than fiction. Our respective parents were looking for alliances and they came across our profiles and felt we would be perfect match for each other. Guna’s mom called him to let him know about it. And he thought that I set him up. On the other hand, I thought this was all part of his plan and was secretly thrilled. But later on we understood that fate has set us up together.” says Mounika with a smile.
But every love story has a twist and theirs’ had one too. “My dad (not knowing all this) came across another alliance and insisted that I meet that other guy. I was completely devastated and cried my eyes out. I felt as if I was spiralling down a bottomless chasm of despair and darkness. That’s when we both could gauge the true intensity of our feelings.” she chuckles.
Guna flew down to India to convince her dad. “It was a marathon meeting that went on for 8 whole hours. Can you believe it?” she asks and adds “But he could win over my dad somehow. Then it was my turn to impress my soon to be mother-in-law and so I came to India. I was so anxious that I showered in Dubai airport, got ready in Hyderabad airport and met her. She liked me instantaneously and gave me her blessings. Finally, all is well that ends well, and eventually we both got engaged and then married. It’s been three years since we met but I still get butterflies when I see him,” says Mounika with sparkles in her eyes.

Thank you very much Mounika & Guna for sharing these beautiful pictures by Ashwin Kireet Photography with us.

After seeing how lovely this shoot looks, who else is inspired to go to Udaipur for a couple shoot? Do let us know.
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