Uber Cool And Utterly Romantic Pre-Wedding Couple Shoot In Coorg | Tanushree & Shyam

By TGB Desk / On February 14th, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you had a wonderful day and got showered with surprise gifts, warm hugs and beautiful flowers!! When it was time to decide the topic  for today’s post, I was very sure I wanted to write something relevant but couldn’t decide on a topic. That’s when I came across these romantic couple shoot pictures of Tanushree and Shyam. I felt what better day than today, when the whole world is celebrating the day of love with zest, to share it with you guys.

Initially, they din’t want to go for a pre-wedding photo shoot. “To be honest, we really din’t know much about pre-wedding photo shoots till the time we decided to do it ourselves. At first we agreed a little apprehensively as Shyam doesn’t really like PDA” laughs Tanu.

“But we thought it would be a good weekend getaway and we would get some quality time together. Both of us are in top managerial positions and with our super busy schedules travelling to far off locations is out of question. So I zeroed in on Kabini and Coorg. I secretly wished for the shoot to happen at Coorg but was not sure what the groom and the photographer would say. It turns out both of them have never been to that place and so Coorg it was! Yayy!!” says Tanu amidst giggles. See, you don’t need to do much to make a girl happy! 🙂

And then it was time to answer the question “Where in Coorg? “Both of us wanted a place that’s beautifully located amidst nature and that has charming old world glamorous vibe! After going through a few options we found our perfect place – Old Kent Estates. The resort is cradled amidst lush green coffee plantations. With an English garden surrounding the resort and Victorian architecture, it takes us back in time to British Raj” says Tanu.

She looks at Shyam with an amused smile and says “Our drive to Coorg was amazing, to say the least. The boys (the groom and the photographer) bonded over heavy metal and they were constantly humming the classics and playing air guitar and air drums”.

From the beginning they were very clear that they din’t want a typical bollywood type photo shoot. Tanu laughs “We don’t have anything against photo shoots that have filmy undertones. There is nothing wrong with it but it’s just that Shyam is a very low key person. For him it would be very OTT and we were worried that the discomfort would really come across in the photos. We din’t want that to happen. So we chose the themes that wouldn’t bury our personalities. We wanted to show how we have fun in our daily lives and what “together” really means to us. We gave it a name – Magic in Mundane!” Her eyes sparkle as she says this.

We had divided our two day shoot into five sequences and we tried to capture different moods –

Day I

Sequence 1 – The Football Theme

“Shyam is an avid Manchester United Club fan. Oh, and by the way, he plays football really well. So naturally we chose this theme and he was trying to woo me (all over again) with his footie skills. I learnt a lot about football and most importantly we had lots of fun!!” recalls Tanu.

Sequence 2 – The Dream Theme

They wanted to sport a very formal look for this theme and so Shyam donned a classic black suit and Tanu dressed up in a long flowy beige dress. “We wanted to keep the look simple and clean. What made this sequence special is that Shyam was helping me wear a heirloom necklace (it was gifted by her maternal grandfather to her grandma) and the photographer captured it” she pauses overwhelmed by emotions and adds “It was totally a candid shot and is very close to my heart!” 🙂

Sequence 3 – Tea Time

They wanted to colour coordinate their outfits and with a little coaxing Tanu could convince Shyam! “We kept it casual and we never really posed for the pictures as we were engrossed in our conversation while having tea. Need to thank the resort staff for supplying us with endless cups of hot tea!” 🙂

Sequence 4 – The Pyjama Party

“Oh I loved shooting for this sequence so much! We just had to be ourselves in our comfy nightwear and let the child in us take over. Tanjil (our photographer) had an amused look all through this sequence!”

Day Two

Sequence 5 – Black & Blue

“There was no theme in this sequence as such but we wanted to colour coordinate our outfits. We felt we needed a prop to make the shoot a little more interesting and Tanjil helped us find one – A bath tub! The shoot ended up looking like an ad for bathroom accessories and fittings!!” guffaws Tanu and adds “But nevertheless, we had super duper fun!”

A few more pictures from the pre-wed shoot of this gorgeous couple –

Such a cute couple! I mean, no seriously!! Just look at them – those smiles, that comraderie and above all their sizzling hot chemistry – a perfect recipe for a happy marriage!!!

Thank you very much Tanu & Shyam for sharing your amazing pre-wed couple shoot pictures!!

Stay Happy!!!

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