Tradition On A Green Platter | Eco Friendly Wedding Trays By Pelli Poola Jada

By TGB Desk / On September 4th, 2017

Hello Ladies, Hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend! The building where our office is located overlooks a small garden with a huge Gulmohar tree in the middle. When it rains, the walkway to our building is a sight to behold. Come June, bright vermilion petals of the Gulmohar flowers, that lay strewn on the asphalt road, welcome us every morning. And the windows facing the tree canopy double up as the paintings. Last year the tree flowered at the fag end of September which is quite late. This year we all waited with bated breath and let out a sigh of relief when we saw the first flowers in May. It might seem a minor issue, but there is a bigger problem underneath. Climate change! It’s real and it’s happening right now. Are we even aware how rapid the climatic changes are? Or how much impact it has on the quality of our lives? Are we trying to live blissfully ignorant? Don’t we have the environmental responsibility to lead a lifestyle with a little awareness?

Too many questions, right? But the only answer to these questions is ‘Eco-friendly Lifestyle’! It isn’t enough if we just minimize the use of plastic, use solar power for our energy needs or use less paper goods? Sustainability isn’t just a term used in CSR initiatives of corporate companies. It’s a way of life. We have to go green in every aspect of our lives. So why not extend it to the weddings? Of late, we have observed that a lot of brides are going green and are finding ways to add sustainability to their weddings. Haven’t we seen a shift from using fancy non-environment friendly decor to traditional decor using fresh foliage and flowers? We were super happy when this wedding vendor (who is into floral accessories) informed us that she is experimenting to make eco-friendly wedding trays. We recently checked with her to see the outcome and boy, we were in for a pleasant surprise! She has come up with a whole array of wedding trays for different purposes. We were so impressed that we had to do a special feature on these eco-friendly wedding trays.

Take a look –

Flower Vaeni (gajra) Trays

Engagement Ring Trays


Wedding Saree Tray


Trays for Dry Fruits

Fruit Platter with a lid


Fruit Basket with a handle

Tray holding bridal jewellery

Oh, and by the way, they made eco-friendly Ganesha for Ganesh Chaturthi. Want to take a look? Here we go –

So beautiful!

Thanks to the Team Pelli Poola Jada for sharing their latest project with us. These beautiful and environmentally friendly wedding trays help you in upholding the tradition and leave no carbon footprint at all! Ah-mazing, right?! 

Stay Happy!!!

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