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Top 5 Tips For Choosing Your Bridal Jewellery

By TGB Desk / On August 27th, 2017

Hello Lovelies! We hope weekend is treating you well thus far.

Most of the questions that we receive are related to wedding outfits. A lot of brides ask us for tips as to how to choose unique outfits for various wedding ceremonies. While we agree that wedding outfits are very important, they are not the only elements that will determine your bridal look. Jewelry also plays an important role. In fact, jewelry that complements your wedding ensemble helps in creating a lovely and luminous bridal look.

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Traditionally, jewelry was always considered as a statement of status, prestige and prosperity. It was more of an investment and less of an accessory. A security against hard times. Therefore, it used to be a bit rare to find brides wearing jewelry that perfectly complemented their wedding ensembles. But not anymore. Of late, brides want to make a fashion statement with their jewelry too.

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We personally feel the jewelry of a bride should be timeless, flattering and jaw-droppingly gorgeous! So, how do you go about picking beautiful jewelry for your wedding day? Here are some ideas for you to get started –

1. Buy the wedding ensemble first

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Yes, we strongly believe you should buy your wedding outfit first and then think about jewelry. You want your jewelry to complement the wedding dress and not vice versa. You might want to invest on statement earrings instead of statement necklace if your reception lehenga has high neck blouse. Isn’t it?
So we recommend buying the wedding saree first before you even think about going jewelry shopping!

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2. Consider your Lifestyle

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Are you someone who attends a lot of social gatherings? If yes, we wouldn’t advise you to buy one huge ornate chunky necklace with heavy pendant. Seriously, who wants to wear the same set for every occasion, however beautiful it may be. Instead, you could choose some delicate ones and layer those necklaces on your wedding day. And later on you can wear those necklaces separately or layer them together as per the occasion. So, think about future too!

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3. Take your tastes into consideration


Seriously, you should buy what you like. Take all the advice you can get but don’t forget to take your tastes into account when you are buying jewelry. Else, it would be relegated to the bank locker. And we don’t want that to happen now, do we?

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4. Old is definitely gold

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Traditionally in our country, jewellery is passed on from generation to generation as heirloom. So, if you have an antique heirloom necklace set gifted by your grandmother then make it part of your wedding trousseau. Antique is in and it certainly adds a vintage vibe to your wedding day look. And what’s more, your grand mother is going to be the happiest woman on the earth.

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5. Rent your wedding jewelry

Buying jewellery involves huge investment. Indian weddings have a lot of pre-wedding as well as post-wedding ceremonies. And if you are averse to the idea of repeating the same jewellery for all or some of the events then you should be ready to buy different jewelry sets, right? Not necessarily! There is no need for your jewelry to eat away your (or your parents’) bank balance. You can opt for premium quality fake gold ornaments for smaller events, if you are on budget. Or better still, take beautiful pieces on rent just for your wedding and return them once done.  This will save you a lot of money that can be used to invest in buying the jewelry that you like. 

Oh, and by the way, just remember to take good care of the jewelry taken on rent as you might have to cough up quite an amount if you manage to lose or damage the jewelry. The vendors expect the jewelry back in perfect shape!

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So now, tell us what are you planning to wear on your wedding day – a statement necklace, an antique haaram (long necklace) gifted by your beloved grandma or layered necklaces? 

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Stay Happy!!!

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