Top 16 Breathtaking Aerial Photos That Will Definitely Make Your Jaw Drop

By TGB Desk / On August 3rd, 2017

Don’t we all remember the days when a friend or a cousin with a DSLR (& amateur camera skills) is roped in to shoot the wedding? Wedding photography has come a long way over the years. Of late, many exciting things are happening in the realm of wedding photography.
People have realised that wedding photos aren’t just photos. They are memories frozen for life! So the couples are ready to spend any amount on this once-in-a-life-time event.
As people are flexible and open to experimenting, a lot more thought is going into it. It’s an interesting time for wedding photography. Aerial photography has made huge inroads into the wedding photography.

PC – Ranganath Photography

Aerial photos using drones add that ‘Wow’ factor and are incredibly beautiful. With the increase in destination weddings, there is growing interest in finding ways to include the landscape in the portraits.
These bird’s-eye view shots are turning into must-have photos in a wedding album. We just love these fun, cool and ah-mazing couples shots with the beautiful landscape as the backdrop. We at TGB HQ, decided to collate some of the best aerial photos for your reference.
So here are sixteen incredible aerial shots (not in any particular order) that we have ever seen –

When I am with you, the whole world stands still…

PC – Aa Photography

Just the two of us!

PC – Deepak Vijay Photography

Brace up, our love is about to take off!

PC – Ranganath Photography

Just want to be in the middle of nowhere with you…

PC – Aashish Photography

Love is the bridge between you and everything! – Rumi

PC – Chocolate Box Photography

Both of us in the lap of nature!

PC – Robin Saini Photography

A path to reach you!

PC – Chethan Royie Photography

When in love, the grass is green on both the sides of the fence!

PC – Weddingscapes

I am at peace when I am with you!

PC – Mystic Studios

Meet me at the end of the world!

PC – Minchu Studio

Runway to Love!

PC – Ranganath Photography

Oh, you are my oasis in the desert of life! 

PC – Arun Titan Studio

Just you, me and love!

PC – Neeta Shankar Photography

Come, let’s paint the town red!

PC –

Let’s share a moment together!

PC – Yeluguri


When I am with you, life is a bed of roses!

PC –Dark Chamber Studio


Mind-blowing, right? 

Such beautiful pics and such adorable couples! The one thing that’s common in all the pics is ‘Love’. Isn’t it?! 

So which one do you think is the best? Do let us know.

Stay Happy!!!

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  1. MadhuraNaveen says:

    Feeling proud to get featured !!!
    That too top3!! Thanq you Deepak Vijay Photography

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