This Gorgeous Bride Ties The Knot With Her Prince Charming At A Beautiful Multicultural Wedding | Sneha & Srikrishna

By TGB Desk / On May 3rd, 2017

“Srikrishna” says the beautiful bride “was the final year student and Cultural President of our Engineering College. I was first year grad student then. I still remember the day I met him. He came to our class to take down the names for auditions for our Fresher’s party. But back then he was just this guy who came to our class to get his work done. That’s all!”. says Sneha. “Come to think of it, I never really expected that one day we would end up getting married” laughs Sneha.

Well, you never know where you would find the love of a lifetime. Do you?!

Our Love Story

“We got introduced to each other through common friends. Initially, we were just friends and nothing more. Gosh! Am I beginning to sound like one of those heroines??!” chuckles Sneha.

“And then one fine day, he proposed to me. I told my dad all about him and his proposal. I feel honesty is the best policy in these matters. My dad met him and was very impressed. Both my dad and I broke the news to my mom.

Once we received the ‘go-ahead’ from my parents, he informed his parents. I remember the day both sets of parents met. All of them were laughing, joking and having good time together. And I could already picture us all as one big happy family!” says Sneha with a smile.

Our Wedding

“We got engaged on 21st August 2016 and that’s when our wedding plans started to take shape. We both belong to different cultures – he is a Tam-brahm while I come from a Telugu Family. So in order to adhere to both the cultures, we decided to combine all the important wedding rituals.

Luckily, there were a few common rituals so it wasn’t that difficult. So we had a beautiful wedding which was a seamless blend of both Telugu and Tamil cultures. All this was possible as our parents were very supportive and they took care of each and every aspect of our wedding” she says.

And then she looks at Srikrishna and adds with a dreamy look on her face “I had a fairy tale wedding to my Prince Charming!!”

Wedding Shopping

“Shall I tell you something? I just can’t stand the word ‘ Shopping’. I know it’s kind of hard to imagine a girl who doesn’t like shopping. But I never enjoyed shopping. Instead I love spending time with friends or reading a book. Weird…Isn’t it?” asks Sneha.

“But I have a mom who has wonderful creative ideas and an extremely fashion conscious cousin. Both of them along with my aunt have planned and painstakingly put together one-of-a-kind outfits and jewellery for each wedding ceremony. My wedding trousseau was ready without me taking endless shopping trips. That way, I am lucky!” says Sneha. The relief in her voice is very evident.

Here is a girl who prefers ‘chai pe charcha’ with a friend rather than going shopping! We smile at her but we don’t tell her that it’s nice to know someone who is different from the crowd.

Wedding Trousseau

My in-house personal stylists (Mom, Aunt & Cousin) chose sarees for all traditional ceremonies (Nalugu, Traditional bridal shower and wedding ceremony), Salwar Kameez for Mehendi and an Evening Gown for Reception.

I bought all the outfits and jewellery from various vendors across two cities – Hyderabad & Chennai. My mom personally designed the bridal veil. Oh, and by the way, I had to wear Madisar Pudavai (9 yard saree draped in typical Tam-brahm style) as per their custom for Mangalasutra dhaaranam. And I just loved it! I feel it brings out the beauty and elegance of a woman!

I have always dreamt of wearing a Poola jada for my wedding. The moment I saw my poolajada by Pelli Poola Jada, I just fell in love with it. Have never seen anything that’s so beautiful and whimsical!!

Fun Moments

“The word Sangeeth brings back a lot of funny and interesting memories. The moment I mentioned to my fiancé that we were going to have a Sangeeth ceremony, he was completely dumbstruck. He was absolutely terrified by the idea of dancing in front of an audience. So much for being the ‘Cultural President’ during our college days” she says with a naughty smile and looks at her husband.

“See…this is how she has been pulling my leg right from the day we got married” complains Srikrishna but he finds it hard to suppress a smile. The camaraderie and friendship is very evident in the way they speak to each other and laugh together.

“So we hired a choreographer to train us and choreograph our performance. But guess what – he landed just a day before the event. He managed to learn the steps but on the day of our performance he missed a few. But luckily no one noticed. We had a hearty laugh when we saw the video” says the new bride Sneha. There is an unmistakable chemistry between them.

Wedding Photography
Both Lakshmi Photography and Dark Chamber Studios have done an exceptional job at capturing our memorable moments in a beautiful way! Especially our wedding trailer was absolutely stunning. With amazing drone shots it looked nothing short of a movie trailer. We just watched the pictures and the video for the nth time and don’t think we would get bored of watching it. Ever!!

Such a gorgeous couple!

You can watch their wedding video here –

Thank you Sneha and Srikrishna for sharing wonderful moments from your wedding. We wish you a very happy and long married life!!

Stay Happy!!!

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