This Beautiful Couple Shoot Takes Romance To A Whole New Level | Anusha Gowda & Savan Gowda

By TGB Desk / On April 8th, 2018

Hello Ladies,

How is Sunday treating you so far? Ours got off to a hectic but a wonderful start. Early in the morning, we were greeted by a bunch of breathtakingly beautiful pictures from a shoot in Talakadu (a place close to Mysore) sent by an equally gorgeous bride. A perfect pick-me-up for a busy Sunday (yes, we are working today!).

Oh, and by the way, we reached 100K followers on Instagram today and we are absolutely delighted. It took us a good few moments of dancing on cloud nine before we could compose our excitement and get back to earth! Seriously, we can’t imagine a better start of the day than this.

Coming back to the shoot in Talakadu, it is beyond gorgeous! A magnificent temple background, adorable couple, pure love, sizzling chemistry and a whole lot of romance between the couple – what else do you need?!

This pre wed shoot was well planned and beautifully captured by Ganesh Photographyi. Trust us, it can’t get prettier than this. This gorgeous couple shoot is one of the reasons why we love what we do!

In short, this shoot is what dreams are made of!

From the bride Anusha…”We have always wanted a couple shoot at some historical place and in ethnic outfits. Since my hubby (fiancé back then) was in a time crunch as he was to fly back to Germany the very next day, we decided upon Talakadu as it’s just an hour from Mysore. He had come to Hassan for our engagement just for a few days. We knew from the start that we didn’t have the luxury to re-shoot or shoot at multiple locations. So we planned this shoot to the last detail,” recalls the new bride Anusha.

“We reached the resort at Mysore on the day of the shoot and did a mini shoot at the resort. The lush green gardens and the pleasant climate provided beautiful backdrop to our pictures. Surprisingly, a lot of resort employees and guests have complimented us. Almost all of them told us that we make a nice pair. I think I must have turned red as a beet,” smiles Anusha.

“We were awestruck when we saw the Sri Vaidyanatheswara temple at Talakadu. To say that it’s stunning would be a serious understatement. I think the magnificent temple in the backdrop added character to our pictures. I must have thanked Savan a million times for suggesting this venue. While we were admiring the architecture, Ganesh from Ganesh Photographyi went on with his work with a smile. After sometime, we realised that there was a small mob around us and we were perplexed as to why. That’s when a few students approached us as they thought we were shooting for a movie (!!). It was hilarious! It took some time for us to convince them that it was just a couple shoot and not a movie shoot. We had a hearty laugh after that,” chuckles Anu.

“Initially, we never thought about it but when the shoot began we understood how difficult it is to pose for a camera. Both of us being practical, we couldn’t actually sustain the emotion. We used to look into each other’s eyes romantically and burst out laughing much to the amusement of the photographer and the onlookers. But the photography team was very patient with us and used to gently guide us again. It was super fun!” laughs Anusha and adds “Ganesh is an extremely talented photographer with a very good eye for detail. He knew exactly what we wanted and made our shoot memorable and album spectacular! We want to thank him for capturing our precious memories forever!!!”

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