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The TGB Fashion Files – The Bride Who Opted For Her Mother’s Wedding Saree – Barkha Puri | Knots By Amp Photography

By TGB Desk / On March 20th, 2018

Okay, folks, here is a question for y’all – What happens when your dream comes true? You find yourself delighted, right? We have been waiting for a very long time to come across a bride in her mom’s wedding ensemble. Recently, one of our photographer friends, Anupam from KnotsbyAMP, asked us if we would like to publish the pics of a bride who chose to wear her mom’s wedding saree. We think he was a little amused as he watched the whole team erupt in joyful cheers. When we saw her pictures, we were so happy, we were waltzing on cloud nine! The bride was shimmering in a beautiful silk saree that looked as good as a new saree, if not better.

It is really incredible to see her in her mother’s heirloom wedding saree. Here are the pics –

So, who wore it better?! 🙂

From the bride Barkha…”As a child, I loved to browse through the family photo albums. And every single time, I used to think how gorgeous my mom looked on her wedding day in her striped maroon silk saree. I still think she is the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen (including myself!). She is a strong, motivated and disciplined woman who has always inspired me. Whatever I am today is because of her. I was always in awe and grew up dreaming to someday look like her. Even though I was a daddy’s girl, I used to feel elated whenever someone said that “You look just like your mom”. So when faced with choosing a wedding dress, I did the obvious – I chose my ma’s wedding saree.

A few friends and family members asked why I wasn’t going for a new lehenga, in keeping with the current trend, instead of an old saree. It was completely an emotional decision that I couldn’t be happier with, when I look back. It was an old saree, yes. But it wasn’t outdated! It was bought 29 years ago (in 1988) but is still in a superb condition. How she maintained it in such impeccable condition was beyond me! For some time, even my dad felt that I should go for a new wedding ensemble. But I was very sure and firm right from the beginning. I felt this saree would create many more heart-warming memories than a new store-bought lehenga. No, seriously! When my wedding date got finalised, I tried it on casually. That’s when my mom got completely convinced of my decision. It was Final. One thing ticked off my wedding bucket list.

Then came the real problem – finding a blouse for myself because obviously I couldn’t fit into hers. So the hunt began for a blouse that would go well with the gorgeous saree. But I couldn’t decide on the colour. She teamed it up with a maroon silk blouse. But I couldn’t find a similar fabric or shade. And I couldn’t find time as I was super busy with my official work in Pune. And the fact that I lived in Pune and my family was based out of Delhi also didn’t help either. So one weekend, I took time off and came to Delhi. I just had one day to wrap up my wedding shopping. Can you believe it? Well, at least I didn’t have to worry about the wedding saree! With my mom’s help, I surveyed the whole of Chandni Chowk area in six hours straight and bought fabric for blouse and bridal veil as well. And we also finalised jewelry to go with the saree. What would we do without moms??!

On my wedding day, when my mom saw me in my bridal attire, she had tears in her eyes. Looking at her, my eyes started tearing up. My cousins had to rush to calm me down. I had also chosen to wear her bracelet on my engagement and my Nani’s (paternal grandmother) pink dupatta for court registration.

I feel heirlooms have a lot of emotional value and they are a kind of blessing. I will be lucky if my daughter (if I should have a daughter) wishes to wear it for her wedding someday. I will preserve the ensemble regardless!”

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