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The TGB Fashion Files – Sister(s) Of The Bride | Sneha Reddy L & Team

By TGB Desk / On February 7th, 2018

Hi everybody!

We are officially, totally, completely excited about today’s post. We have been waiting for months to feature this lovely fashionista sister of the bride. In fact, all her cousins are stunningly fashionable. Okay, let’s start from the start. One fine morning, as we were browsing through our insta messages, we stumbled upon a picture of three beautiful girls dressed up in their traditional finery. We assumed one of them to be the bride. But then it turns out all the three of them were sisters of the bride! We struck a conversation, and voila! A new feature was conceived. That’s when we decided to feature the sisters of the bride or groom who went that extra style mile. We spoke to a few and featured them as well. But we had to wait this long to feature the lady (and her cousins) who was the inspiration for our new feature for various reasons. So obviously, we were elated when we recently received a bunch of stunning pictures from her.

TGB Sister(s) Of The Bride – Sneha & Team


“For engagement, me and one of my cousins, Vaishnavi didn’t find time for shopping and so ordered Astha Narang lehengas from Pernia’s Pop-up Shop. While I selected mint green & red lehenga, Vaishu settled for a beautiful peach & gold one. Varsha picked her outfit up from Anushree Reddy Label. As expected, our moms freaked out as they have never ordered online for big occasions, for whatever reasons. And they wanted their darling daughters to shimmer in brand new outfits in the engagement and be the show stoppers,” smiles Sneha.

“And they were really were shocked to know that there wouldn’t be any time for alterations. My mom says that we cannot buy any outfit blindly and hope to get lucky. She believes that we need to invest the time if we really want to look presentable. But we received the outfits just a day before the engagement and thankfully didn’t need any alterations at all. They were just perfect!” says Sneha. “Our moms were absolutely delighted. Oh! You should have seen the sparkles in their eyes!”

Making Of The Bride Ceremony

“We have decided that we would wear something different for the traditional bridal shower. So we met the designer Vinny Reddy and communicated to her that she can create anything as long as the outfits were traditional, bright and colourful. She came up with a brilliant idea and bowled us over. So as per her direction, we brought a few silk sarees from Kanchi and gave those to her to play around with. She created super gorgeous half-sarees in rainbow colours,” recalls Sneha.

“Everyone who saw us that day started calling us ‘Shat Lakshmulu‘ (meaning Six Lakshmis),” says a visibly delighted Sneha. “The whole credit goes to Vinny aunty for beautiful outfits and Vijitha aunty for coming up with a unique attire for each of us. We owe them big time!”

Wedding Shopping Experience

“Whenever there is a wedding in our family, all the ladies (including baby girls) go on a road trip from Hyderabad to Kanchipuram for wedding shopping. The whole convoy stops at every major temple en route to Kanchi. You may call it a pilgrimage cum shopping trip. So in a way its kind of a ritual you could say. But for my Akka’s wedding, all of us cousins were abroad for education or work. And so my mom & her sisters had to undertake this trip without us and they had a blast (Grrrr…how could they?),” she guffaws.

“But the main problem is finding the sarees for all of us. Each one of us had a very complex set of specifications with regards to color & design. We were very tough customers, you see. Imagine having to find purplish pink saree, reddish blue half saree and so on. You get the groove, right? And of course, there is the question of matching jewelry as well. So our moms decided to make use of the technology to the maximum. All of them created accounts with Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and we used to have unending discussions over Skype and WhatsApp. They turned the whole shopping area to some sort of control room set up by fashionably charged women. And this stylish mothers’ task force could fulfill every single wish of ours. Even though they are a little annoying at times, moms are awesome. They are definitely a real blessing!” chuckles Sneha. And we can’t agree more.

When asked about the bride’s shopping, she says “Her shopping was done in relatively lesser time. She was very clear as to what she wants and had everything sorted out properly. So it was a breeze for my mom to shop for her.” “They had to worry mostly about the bridesmaids’ outfits – the five sisters of the bride. The main challenge was to pick outfits that look similar and unique at the same time. Sounds like a riddle, right? Well, that’s how we are!” laughs Sneha.


“All the ladies in our family swear by Vithaldas Zaveri jewelry. We have been their customers for generations. Seriously, it’s a serious understatement to say that their jewelry is heirloom-worthy!” – Sneha


Team Cahaya was a dream to work with. Every time we go through the album, it turns into a mayhem – moms shedding tears of happiness and younger ones giggling away to glory! Teja & Team – A huge thank you for turning our moments to memories!

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