The Most Gorgeous Bride – ‘Sita’

By TGB Desk / On April 5th, 2017

“It’s about time” said the prime minister. But King looked at the minister as if he had lost his mind. “How can my daughter be of marriageable age? It was just the other day that he found her! It was just the other day that he took the baby into his hands who smiled at him the moment their eyes met! She must be just a few months old! Not more than that!!” Raja suggested that the minister take leave for few days. Looks like all the stress of governance has affected his mind. Else, why would he suggest that they look for a groom for his little daughter??!!!

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Precisely at that moment, he saw a young girl running into the chamber where a celestial weapon of mass destruction was kept. Both King and the Minister ran to stop her from entering that chamber. Who ever this girl is, could hurt herself. But they couldn’t compete with the girl who ran like a fawn.

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When they finally reached the room, they were out of breath and full of worry. The King entered the room, his face wrought with anxiousness followed by the minister. They couldn’t process the sight that greeted them.


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A young girl not more than 16 years of age had lifted the heavy weapon with her left hand and retrieved the ball (that she was after) with her right. The King forgot what he wanted to say and looked at her in a daze. He din’t know who she was. May be a river nymph he thought. Her long dark hair rippled and she wore fragrant jasmines in her hair. When she turned back the King just stood there dumbstruck. She looked familiar. Her beautiful face was accentuated with wavy hair and she looked like a rising full moon on a clear night sky.

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The king looked at Prime minister with surprise and then it dawned on him who it was. He couldn’t realize till date how much his daughter has grown and how beautiful she is. All these years, whenever he looked at his daughter his eyes always welled up obscuring her progress from him!

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He smiled and willingly gave his consent to his minister to search for a worthy groom for ‘Sita’!

సీతా కల్యాణ వైభోగమే రామ కల్యాణ వైభోగమే
పవనజ స్తుతి పాత్ర పావన చరిత్ర రవి సోమ పవనేత్ర రమణీయ గాత్ర

Happy Sree Rama Navami!!!

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