The Couple Who Got Married At First Sight | Sindhuja & Karthik

By TGB Desk / On September 22nd, 2016

“I think perceptions change when you meet right people in life!” says Sindhuja while recounting her wedding story for The Gorgeous Bride. And the twinkle in her eyes is hard to miss.

Well, it all started with a matrimony request. Families liked each other and then both the families decided to meet at a temple. Call it coincidence or whatever but we both wore blue outfits on that day. Our parents decided to give us some personal space, so we went to a mall which was close by.

Our conversation went on and on. About 20 minutes into the meeting I said “Yes”! Come to think of it, I never really believed in “Love at first sight”! (Remember what I said about perceptions ?!).We spoke for more than two hours until my brother came looking for us. We exchanged our numbers and we met almost every weekend to know each other better. Every meeting strengthened our belief that we were made for each other!!

Then began the busy shopping days. My fiance used to accompany me for my wedding shopping. Shopping for traditional ceremonies din’t take much time but we had a difference of opinion regarding my reception outfit. My husband wanted me to go for a full length gown but I wanted a traditional lehenga. Finally, I won! So, I wanted to try a full length gown for my post wedding shoot. My friend Nithya helped me with all my outfits. And everything else was managed by my dear brother Prashanth.

We wanted our wedding invite to be unique and special. And so designed our own wedding invite.

Finally, the wedding day arrived!

I was all smiles when the nuptial knot was tied. I just prayed and wished that this bond lasts forever and ever and love binds us together for eternity!!

I loved each and every moment and what an amazing day we all had! It was magical! It was so beautiful that I am short of adjectives!! 🙂

About the photographer….”I really lost count as to how many times I saw our wedding pics. oh, they are just awesome! They have captured each and every moment and we just love the emotion that each picture reflects. We can’t believe how fabulous they are!

I love my post wedding shoot. The photographer asked us to just look into the eyes and talk to each other. We could feel the love we had for each other when we looked at each other and I feel that reflects in our post wedding shoot pics. It happens to be the best day so far for us (after the wedding day of course!). In short, Dilipan Photography is every bride’s dream photographer!!!” 🙂

Stay Happy!!

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