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Alright, truth be told, one of the most difficult decisions to be made with regards to wedding is, hands down, hiring a wedding photographer (probably comes a close second to finding a bride / groom!). No, not because there are very few good ones. But on the contrary, because there are a whole lot of talented photographers on the arena. The moment you start searching for wedding photographers on Instagram you are bound to be smothered in gorgeousness. It would be a surprise if you aren’t overwhelmed by all the prettiness. But it’s not a good idea to select a photographer solely based on his / her past work. You should select a photographer who understands your requirements and whose style complements your needs. So how do we go about it? Take time out of your busy schedule and speak to them. Let them know what you want and listen to what they have to say.

We wanted to do our bit and help you with this important task. So we decided to speak to some of the happening wedding photographers and publish their interviews regularly, starting today. Oh, how exciting, right?

Roma Ganesh Photography

The moment we laid our eyes on the pictures taken by her, we instantly fell head over heels with her elegant and timeless photography style. Her images are colourful, breathtakingly beautiful and classic. Bridal portraits are her specialty. She can capture the beauty of a bride in totality.

And so we are super thrilled to be able to share her interview here.

Psst…Do not blame us if you fall in love with her photography! You have already been warned enough!!

1. What drew you to wedding photography?
To be honest, it was totally unplanned. I was always passionate about people photography but never thought about photographing weddings. I once got an opportunity to photograph one of my cousins’ wedding and went ahead with it for fun. And everything changed after that one wedding. I was in Love! I understood how it feels to be in love with your job. And from then on, there was no stopping me. So I enrolled myself for a one year post-graduation course at photography school at Light & Life Academy, Ooty to learn the tricks of the trade. That’s how my career as a wedding photographer spread wings and took off.

2. Describe your photography style.
Every bride puts in immense efforts to look like a princess on her wedding day. And I feel a photographer should do justice to the beauty of the bride by capturing all the details. So, I make it a point to capture all the bridal details (such as wedding ensemble, jewelry, flowers) apart from the regular wedding pictures.

I would say my photography and editing style has a feminine touch to it. I concentrate a lot on bringing out colours, expressions and special moments.

3. What do you like about photographing weddings?
Love! Yes, that’s what I like about weddings. The amount of love and emotions that go around is incredible. There are moments when even I get overwhelmed. Oh, and by the way, it creates an extremely happy environment to work in.

4. What’s your favourite moment to capture?
I love the challenge of capturing the traditional games played by the newlywed couple. Be it fight for the ring (Sthaalipaakam) or blowing confetti on each other, just love them all. It isn’t easy to capture as it’s chaotic with everyone surrounding the couple just to get a glimpse of what’s happening. But you get to capture the most natural expressions and true feelings of passion and excitement. It’s fun!

5. Do you have a favourite wedding that you have worked on?
Ah, just can’t pick one. It’s not fair on my part to choose just one. I have too many favourites. A few minutes into the wedding, I find myself befriending the bride and her entire family. I do everything I can to make her feel special (& comfortable). And luckily, I have worked with some amazing people so far. Touchwood!
It’s actually funny how I end up getting attached and a little emotional!

6. Best compliment that you’ve ever received?
I take feedback very seriously as I like knowing what my clients think of my work. By God’s grace, I have always had happy clients. The best compliment for me is to look at the faces of my clients while they go through the wedding album. Their expressions are just priceless!

7. Do you have any advice to share with the couples (or brides) to help their most important day go more easily for all?
This is something I tell all my brides, just enjoy your big day! There are bound to be small or big issues and things might not always go as planned. But do not forget to have fun. Make sure you are not sleepy or tired on your wedding day as it will show in the pictures. But if you, for some reason, feel tired do not hesitate to take a swig of Red Bull energy drink. Just remember – happy couples make happy pictures!

8. Any advice to the women who want to get into wedding photography?
It’s nice to see quite a few young women opting for this profession. There is a lot of job satisfaction in it. No doubt about it. But it’s not easy even though it looks glamorous to outsiders. A lot of hard work goes into it. The odd timings, heavy equipment, endless hours of editing and difficult clients can really drain you out both mentally and physically. It is impossible to succeed unless you are driven by strong passion, good work ethic, persistence and dedication. In short, be prepared, professional and passionate!

Stunning pictures, right?

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This is just a proverbial ‘tip of the iceberg’ of her work. If you need some more inspo, check out her latest work on Facebook and on Instagram.

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