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Ten Of The Most Gorgeous Braided Bridal Updos With Exquisite Ornaments | Jada Billai

By TGB Desk / On June 15th, 2017

Hello Ladies, Just a quick question to help me understand something! Does anyone of you fall in love again and again? I want to confess that I do! Now before your shapely eyebrows raise too high, let me quickly add that I am talking about my love for ‘Kalyana Jadai’. Every time I see a Kalyana Jadai, I fall head over heels in love with it. I seriously feel there is something poetic about a hair-do that’s adorned with fresh blooms and exquisite ornaments. My love for this beautiful hair-do began when, as a kid I attended my aunt’s wedding. She was very close to me and I always admired her for her grace and subtle demeanor. On the day of her wedding, as she stepped out of the green room with her gorgeous Kalyana jadai, she looked every inch a princess bride! And that’s when I fell in love with it for the first time.

Kalyana Jadai creates a beautiful, graceful and ethereal bridal look effortlessly. It’s flattering, classy and just so whimsical! But not all Kalyana jadais are the same. I feel the hair-do that’s adorned with both flowers and brooch shaped ornaments (Jada billai) looks incredible. It’s perfect for brides who do not want to cover the whole length of the braid with just flowers. 

Looking for some Jada Billai inspiration? Do not fret, we have put together ten of the most beautiful Jadas and we are sure you would love them to bits.

PC – The Knotz

PC – Aa Photography

PC – Chethan Royie Photography

PC – Studio A

PC – Harishankar Photography

PC – Shivakrishna Photography

PC – Studio 31

PC – Duet Photography

PC – Nagendra Mayya Photography

PC – Aa Photography

Sigh! So gorgeous! Wish I could wear this to work!!

So who else is in love with Jada billais? Do let me know if you are planning to sport a hair-do with Jada billai for your wedding or engagement.

Stay Happy!

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