Ten Most Romantic Twilight Photos That Will Make You Want To Fall In Love

By TGB Desk / On December 29th, 2016

Haven’t we all at one point or another gazed at the sky and marvelled at an array of vivid hues that are on display at Twilight?! It’s very rare to find someone who isn’t bewitched by the awe-inspiring panorama of a twilight sky. And, what’s more, every sunset is more gorgeous than the previous one. From the brilliant reds to vibrant oranges and from cool blues to pretty pinks, the twilight colour palette is so beautiful that it has the capability to make a picture memorable for life. If this isn’t perfect backdrop for couple shoots then we don’t know what is. So we have rounded up some of the most gorgeous photos, from the couple shoots with the backdrop of the twilight sky, for your inspiration –

The first thought that crossed our mind when we looked at this picture was – ‘Is it a painting?!” The beautiful monument coupled with surreal late evening sky in the background is lending an artistic backdrop.

PC: Photriya Photography

Rugged landscape with those rocks and the twilight sky with a hint of colour is adding in a dramatic and mysterious flair to this beautiful image!

PC: Studio A

Looks like the twilight sky with brilliant hues has decided to offer this much-in-love couple a stunning backdrop!

PC: Ranganath Photography

‘United, We stand tall!’ This picture of a doting couple taken just before the onset of twilight in front of the world’s tallest building (Dubai) is just so romantic! Isn’t it?!

                      PC: Harishankar Photography

“Meet me where the sky touches the sea!” We fell head over heels in love with this beautiful postcard worthy picture!!

PC: Vermilion Diaries

Have you ever seen the horizon that’s so bright and beautiful?! This picture seems to be saying “You are the light of my world”

PC: Radhika Pandit Photography

The turbulent sea, jagged landscape and the twilight sky is a perfect backdrop creating a magical effect in this picture

PC: Weddingscapes

It’s a crime to be on a beach and not play at all! So let your hair down and just have some fun!! Now, don’t forget to get your picture clicked 🙂

PC: Nagendra Mayya Photography

The placid backwaters of Kerala, dark silhouettes of  coconut trees, gorgeous sunset sky and the ‘Oh-so-in-Love’ couple – is there anything not to like in this picture?!

                       PC: Dilipan Photography

This beautiful picture with the backdrop of a temple and the brilliant sunset sky just left us speechless! No words at all!!

                      PC: Aa Photography

All these pictures made us wonder about the painter who paints the sky canvas in glorious patterns every single day! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed checking out these pictures as much as we did!

Stay Happy!!

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