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Style Alert: Beautiful All-New Vankee Blouse Design | By Sruthi Kannath

By TGB Desk / On June 1st, 2018

Hi, Lovelies!

Wedding Season is just round the corner, and you better plan ahead and prepare for it. It’s a given that wedding season brings a flurry of activity. It’s that time of the year to gear up and get ready for some serious shopping for gorgeous outfits and exquisite jewelry. The first half of this year saw a lot of fashion trends that stole the hearts of the fashion conscious brides. But no matter how many ever trends surface in the sea of fashion, there is always space for one more.

Today we are bringing you one more trend, or sleeve embellishment we should say, that has gorgeousness written all over it. Say hello to Vankee (armlet) blouses.

In South India, an armlet is called ‘Vankee’. So as the name suggests, sleeves of a Vankee blouse are embroidered with armlet motif. It gives an impression that the bride is wearing an armlet over the blouse sleeve. It looks absolutely beautiful and festive. What’s more lovely is that it isn’t the traditional Vankee (inverted ‘U’ shaped ornament) design but more of a contemporary one. Psst…Thankfully, blouses with traditional Vankee design are done and dusted!

Whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid, designer vankee blouse by Sruthi Kannath is an excellent fashion choice if you want to make a style statement. It adds a touch of vintage vibe to the entire outfit. Its timeless look and appeal make it a perfect match with a heavy Kanjeevaram saree or a half saree.

So, without further ado, here are a few pics of brides who sported the Vankee blouse and amplified their bridal style –

A few more for some more inspo –

Floral Vakee design

Chandbali + Lakshmi Nagasu (figure) Vankee Design = Gorgeosity!

Tree of life + Lakshmi Motif Vankee Blouse

Aren’t they stunning?

From the designer Sruthi Kannath…”I absolutely love designing blouses for muhurtam sarees. The challenge in designing a muhurtam outfit for a bride is that you can experiment only so much as she is expected to be ultra-traditional for that occasion. To do this you have to be constantly motivated, inspired, passionate and creative. And my source of inspiration is brides themselves. I am really blessed to work with so many gorgeous brides constantly.

So coming to the story behind the Vankee blouse design, I was trying to come up with a blouse design for a bride who wanted to sport puffed sleeves. All of a sudden, it struck me that the blouse might look stunning if I get Vankee motif embroidered on her sleeve. Luckily, she agreed to it and VIOLA! We came up with a new design. I tried it on elbow length sleeves as well and the brides loved it to the moon and back. So, I think it is the perfect classic blouse for a traditional South Indian bride.”

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