Stunningly Elegant Engagement Ceremony You Will be Dreaming About Forever | Thanmayi & Kranthi

By TGB Desk / On October 25th, 2017

Hello Dear Friends, Have you noticed it? There is a slight nip in the air. We don’t know about you, but we are already dreaming about the cosy winter evenings tucked up with hot chai and a good book. It’s such a gorgeous feeling, right? There is something else that we keep dreaming about all the time – gorgeous weddings. Yes, there is something about weddings that tends to tug at the good ole heart strings. Isn’t it?

We opened our inbox today and literally swooned looking at these beautiful engagement pictures. The bride is as gorgeous as can be, the groom exudes bonhomie and charm, the guests are all smiles (apparently happy), the floral decor is stunningly beautiful and last but not the least, the photography is just so perfect – there is nothing not to love! Seriously!!

So let’s just not waste any more time on words. We know it’s quite scandalous to say this as a blogger, but for the larger good of the readers we have to. In that way, we are generous. Okay, okay, let’s get started by checking out some gorgeous pictures. What say? Yes? Here we go….

From the gorgeous bride Thanmayi…”We saw this engagement ceremony as a great opportunity to bring both the extended families together and allow them to connect with one another before our wedding (will publish their wedding story very soon). But to our surprise, they didn’t wait for us to introduce them to each other. They gelled so well and made our job so much easier. We could see people smiling, taking selfies and genuinely having fun. All our friends who had attended the event told us that we looked like one big happy family. It was lovely!”

Want to check out their Engagement Video?

Such a gorgeous couple, right? We really love the decor and the soft lighting that added a dreamy vibe to the whole place. What do you think?

Thank you very much Thanmayi & Kranthi for sharing your special day with us. And of course, thanks to the ridiculously talented Harishankar Photography team for a job well done!!

Until next time – Chiao!!

Stay Happy, Stay Gorgeous!!!

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