Racing To Matrimony | Janani & Dilip Rogger

By TGB Desk / On September 19th, 2016

“When he proposed to me, I was super happy and was so relieved that I slept peacefully that night.” says the gorgeous bride Janani. “By the way, did I mention that I din’t give him an answer for the next three days giving him sleepless nights?!” she adds with a naughty smile.

This is the wedding story of a wedding planner, Janani who recently got married to a super bike racer Dilip Rogger. They had a beautiful intimate wedding with very close family in the morning and an extravagant reception in the evening.

Ashwin was behind the lens capturing the beautiful memories. “Happily ever after wedding planners” (owned by the bride) were responsible for the whole event and delivered it spectacularly.

My reception saree is custom designed one from RmKV Silks. My fiance designed my reception saree. Yes, you read it right! He was very adamant about choosing the saree for me. Initially, we confused ourselves with lot of choices – a full length gown or a lehenga or saree. But we finally settled for a saree.

Me and my friend went jewellery shopping and I picked out a Mango (paisley) pattern haaram with matte finish. I chose traditional jhumkas, a matching maang tikka and jada billai (ornaments for the hair) to go with it.

The wedding reception was a very adventurous one. we had a simple wedding in the morning and we planned for a very elegant reception in the evening.  The adventurous part of it was, Dilip had to receive his Inspiring Sports Icon Award from Amma Sports Foundation started by our Honorable Chief Minister, Selvi J. Jayalalitha @ Madras University at 5.30 pm, where as our wedding reception was at 6.30 Pm at Hilton, Chennai. Finally, he could make it to the venue on time. It did sound like an adventure to me!!

As a wedding planner, I know what it takes to make an event successful. I really am very thankful to my entire team for making my wedding a grand success. Everything looked so ridiculously perfect and it was magical. They just took care of everything and let me enjoy my wedding to the fullest.

And what do I say about my friend and photographer Ashwin? His work is amazing and all the pictures were wow-worthy! We love every single pic and are incredibly happy with the output.

Now coming to our “How we met?” story – Though we were relatives, we were not in touch with each other for a very long time. From his childhood he was very focused on his passion – super bike racing and most of the time he was abroad. He sacrificed a lot to reach his goal. He is Arjuna award nominee, a Limca book record holder and has a lot more feathers in his cap.

He came back to India and was trying to get in touch with his relatives after a long gap. That’s how we both got in touch. We became good friends after meeting a few times. We loved spending time with each other so much so that we ditched other cousins most of the time! 🙂

One fine day when we were having a casual conversation he suddenly popped “the question”! I was pleasantly surprised and was so relieved that I slept peacefully that night. He was super scared and worried as I haven’t given him a reply.

This continued for another two days and I finally said “Yes” when he took me on a long drive. Even though I wanted to respond positively the very day he proposed, I did this just to see his reactions (which were absolutely cute).

I knew I found my own “happily ever after” moment. One thing lead to another and we got married.

Hope you liked reading our story!
Stay Happy!!

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