Quirky Yet Classy Wedding Invitations By Doodleodrama

By TGB Desk / On September 9th, 2017

We just discovered this young illustrator who creates beautiful wedding invitation cards. The designs are absolutely incredible. We have to confess that when we first came across her work on Facebook, we were completely swept away! Each card is custom created, taking into consideration the personal style of the couple. Her designs are unique, romantic and personal.

Mounica Tata, who made a transition from Corporate to Illustration / Cartooning, claims that Illustrating is a way of life for her. We reached out to her for an interview and she speaks about herself, her passion and her fluffy baby, who she very fondly calls ‘Sir Leo’. This young entrepreneur who is in her late twenties, speaks with the elan of a veteran artist.

Here is an excerpt from our interview with Mounica –

Tell us a bit about yourself and your venture…
Doodleodrama is a one-woman army (at least at the moment). My name is Mounica Tata and I am the sweat & fluff behind Doodleodrama. I am a self-taught freelance illustrator. I never studied art, but I always enjoyed being creative and telling stories. Doodleodrama just helped me bring the two loves of my life together!

Where are you based?
I am originally from Hyderabad but based out of Bangalore now. You can find Doodleodrama on Facebook, Instagram and Behance.

How did you come up with this name for your boutique / venture?
ABSOLUTELY NO thought went into this branding. I was a young, naive, and very (very) bored college student when I first came up with this name and started a Facebook page. I liked to doodle and I am quite dramatic, so that explains Doodle & Drama. But I also happen to like anything and everything that’s round, so I fitted an ‘O’ in between those two words. It’s really as simple as that. I wanted to change the name (come up with something more classy and deep!) but it was too late, the name stuck!

What/When was your big break?
To be honest, every project I get, I feel is a big break! That’s the best part about being a freelancer, you get to pick work that excites you. My first paid gig was a customised wedding invitation and the theme was Harry Potter!

What inspires your designs?
A lot things and people inspire me. Most of my stories come from everyday life and life situations. For customised wedding invitations, I usually poke and push the client (way too much) to give me a super elaborate brief. A lot of people share their stories and I encourage them to share these details with me. I cannot possibly always translate everything onto paper but knowing the details helps me get a feel of their personalities, their dynamics and I try to then reflect that through my illustrations.

Do you also customise as per the clients’ preferences? How much time do you need to customise?
Yes. I make customised invites only. I do not have a set template and I don’t like repeating designs. A wedding invite can take up to 3 weeks’ time depending upon how elaborate the design is and also accounting for the iterations.

Please explain how you go about in creating a customised wedding invite?
It’s a very simple procedure for any commissioned work that I undertake. I first take the brief over email. Take 50% advance, send in the first draft and then work on the feedback and send another draft. Once the client and I freeze on the general layout, illustrations, and look, I ink the illustration and once that’s been approved, I go ahead and color it. I do not take care of printing. I just deliver the design.

How cute are these? These are works of art!! Really!!!

Mounica’s work is laced with humour and wit! We have to confess that we have become huge fans of her work. We took her permission to publish a couple of her illustrations (that are not invitations) on weddings along with this interview –

How cute is this bride!!

Isn’t this the first question you get asked after your wedding?! 🙂

You can get in touch with her here.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Stay Happy!!!

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