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Put Your Best Foot Forward With ‘Paaduks’ | Eco-Friendly Footwear Brand

By TGB Desk / On January 17th, 2017

Hello Ladies, We at TGB have a confession to make – We are huge fans of Kalamkari. A friend who knows about our obsession sent us a picture of cute kalamkari shoes the other day. The moment we first laid our eyes on those insanely gorgeous shoes we just fell in love! That’s when we have decided to do a feature on this eco-friendly footwear brand and contacted Jay who is the main force behind the brand ‘Paaduks’. For all those shoe fetishists that aren’t aware of Paaduks, let us introduce you to the brand – This is one brand that uses upcycled tyres and natural materials to make the shoes. Not only is their footwear environmental friendly but it is also chic and trendy.

The story behind the brand
“It all started when I, while randomly browsing the internet, read about an individual who imported scrap tyres from Indonesia, used them as soles of sandals and sold them in the US markets. So we (my wife Jothsna Rege & I) ideated on the concept and decided to do something similar in India as well’ says Jay Rege and adds ” While working on this initiative we realised that the cobblers and their families are plagued with many financial and social problems. It was then that we decided to turn this venture into an initiative that not only makes eco-friendly footwear but also creates a positive social impact by providing sustainable livelihood opportunities to cobblers. We thus adhere to internationally agreed fairtrade guidelines”.

“Oh, and by the way, the name ‘Paaduks’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Paadukas’ which means footwear” says the talented entrepreneur.

The Team
“Both Jyothsna and I have engineering background with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Texas A&M University, USA. By the end of 2004, we returned to India and started a venture that provides career counselling service (which is still going on). Paaduks started around mid 2013 and has been incubated by UnLtd India. They were instrumental in helping us develop our vision and work on our growth plans. They also helped connect with potential bulk buyers both in India and abroad” he says and adds “Sometime in October 2014, Jidnyasa Butley, a young engineering graduate heard about Paaduks and decided to volunteer with us. Her brief stint with us was so impressive that we felt she would add significant value to our venture and so she joined our team on a full time basis”.

Our Products
“Since we make soles from upcycled tyres, we thought we should try to make our shoes as eco-friendly as possible by using materials such as natural cotton, jute and other hand dyed fabrics. Hence we started designing our shoes to give them a more ethnic look by using Kalamkari, Ikat, Indigo, Ajrakh etc.,” explains Jay about their choice of raw materials. “Handmade shoes with soles from upcycled tyres is what defines us. This is the key element in all our shoes”.

“We sell on almost 30 online websites (including their website) and in 15 stores across the country” smiles Jay. “To come up with beautiful designs which eventually impact lives of the artisans in a positive way. ‘Shoes for better lives’ is our tagline” he says when asked about what motivates the team and adds “Go eco-friendly” before signing off.
A few more lovely shoes from ‘Paaduks’….

We haven’t seen any shoes that are this adorable. Seriously!
Now tell us, which ones are your favourite?
Stay Happy!!

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