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Last Updated: 30/03/2017 is owned and operated by Workthread Lifestyle Solutions Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”) which collects, uses, discloses and secures Personal Data or Information in compliance with this Privacy Policy. The User is advised to read this Privacy Policy carefully before using or accessing (hereinafter referred as the “Website”). The Company reserves its right to change its privacy policy at any time without any notice. By accessing the services provided by the Company through its Website and by sharing information (including sensitive personal data or information) with the Company, the User hereby agrees and consents to this Privacy policy and any modification thereto.

1. Type of Information provided by the User:
a. While accessing or using the Website, the Company collects certain Personally Identifiable Information from the User which includes but not limited to Name, spouse name, E-mail, Location/Address, Mobile Number, Company/organisation details, website, other social media Ids, etc.
b. The User while sharing their story may share their names and details of Education, job, residence, etc.
c. The User may share their pictures with the Company, which will be publicly displayed on the Website.
d. The Company may also collect certain information from the vendors or Businesses listed on the website such as Business name, Owners details, place of business, Products details, official website, email or other social media details, etc., which will be publicly available on its website.
e. While collecting payments from the User, the Company may also receive, possess, store, deal with or handle financial information of the User such as Bank Account or Debit Card or Credit Card or other payment instrument details.

2. Type of Information collected automatically:
a. While accessing or using the Website, the server may automatically collect and save information of User’s PIN, mobile handset (model number, operating system, UUID number, mobile network information, phone number, etc.), internet details (IP address, connection, speed, etc.), Windows version, log data, User location, browser type, browser version, browser settings, etc.
b. Log Data includes but not limited to information of the pages, services, etc. accessed by the User; time, date & location of such access, time spent for such pages, services, etc. and other statistics.
c. The Company may enable Google Adsense and Google Analytics services and/or may associate with other Third Parties who may collect, monitor and analyse this Log data. The Company system does not recognise “Do Not Track” instructions from the User’s browser.
d. The APP uses “Cookies” to collect information from the User’s browser or device. User may customise the settings in its browser or device to disable cookies altogether. In that way, User’s browser or device will not accept the cookies but by disabling cookies, the User may not be able to use some of the features of the Website.

3. Purpose for Collection of Information & its Disclosure:
The Company collects the information to continually improve the User experience with its website and for an efficient discharge of its services. The Company may share or disclose such information with its subsidiaries, affiliates or holding company, if any and may also publish such information through its website, social media ids /handles in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
The Company also share such data or information including sensitive Personal data or information with third parties who provide Customer support, hosting service, Website development service, etc. to the Company.
The Company also uses and share such information with third parties to prevent or detect fraud or abuses of the Website and also to diagnose and/or solve the technical issues by carrying out technical, logistical, Security and other checks.
The Company also uses such information to communicate promotional offers, newsletters, etc. by way of E-mail, calls, SMS etc. The Company also uses or share with third parties such information to analyse and to conduct researches in general for users’ interests and usage patterns, to generate reports, flowcharts, etc.
The Company also uses or share such data or information to ascertain any breach of its Terms and Conditions and may use or produce such data or information before any Government Authority or court of law in case of any breach of Term of Conditions.
The Company does not disclose, share or transfer any information to the outside parties excluding its Joint Venture Partners, subsidiaries, hosting partners, technical assistance partners, Website developers, Customer Service Provider, parties who assist the Company in conducting its business, or serving its Users, or providing customer service etc.

The Company may publicly disclose certain personal information such as name, location, etc. which is shared by the User to publish their story through the Website.
The Company may also share such information with its vendors or businesses listed in its website.
By accessing, using the Website and by sharing such personal data and Information (including sensitive personal data and information), the User agrees to the collection, use, sharing, transferring, processing or disclosure of its information including Sensitive Personal Data or information by the Company in accordance with this Privacy Policy as may be amended from time to time by the Company in its sole discretion.

4. Release of Information:
The Company may release such information including Sensitive Personal Data or Information when such release is appropriate to comply with the law and/or court order, to enforce Company’s Terms & Conditions, Policies, or to protect Company’s or others’ rights, Property or safety. This includes disclosing, transferring or sharing information with Government or other Agencies. Any disclosure in good faith that information sharing is necessary for above mentioned purpose will fall under the ambit of this clause.
However, non-sensitive Personal data or information may be shared, transferred or provided to the Third Parties for marketing, advertising or to process, monitor, analyse such data or information or other uses.

5. Security of Information:
The Company understands and acknowledges the User’s concern for the security of their information and therefore, the Company adhere to following means to reasonably secure Sensitive Personal Data or Information of the User:

• The Company maintains managerial, technical, operational, physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect & secure information including Sensitive Personal information against unauthorised access.
• The Company also use anti-virus and Malware protection software to protect its systems at reasonable level and to minimize vulnerability.
• The Website saves User’s PIN and/or Passwords in encrypted way as applicable.

6. Third Party Links:
The Company provides advertisements and links to the third parties website & Apps through its Website. Any information provided by the User to such Advertisements or Third Party website & Apps will be governed by the Privacy Policy of the concerned Website & App and the Company shall not be liable for any disclosure or security of any information provided to such third parties websites or apps by the User.

7. Mergers & Acquisitions:
In the event of the Company being subject to merger and acquisition, All the information collected by the Company shall be treated as transferred business assets but the same will remain subject to this privacy policy. In such case, the entity acquiring or merging with the Company’s business shall not be treated as Third Party or outside party but will be treated as the Company itself.

8. Retention of Information:
The User may delete its account in its own discretion which will result in removal of all the activities connected to such account from public domain. But the Company may retain all or any data or information concerning User or its account and may further use the same for any of the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy and/or to process such data for any legal purpose.

9. Compliance with Law:
The Information including Sensitive Personal Data or Information is collected, used, stored, protected, retained, disclosed, shared, transferred or processed by the Company in compliance with laws of India, Rules & Regulations thereto.

10. Notice of Change:
The Company reserves its right to change this Privacy Policy in its sole discretion without any notice and the modified Policy will be updated onto the Website. The User is required to keep itself updated of such change in Policy. Access to the Website by the User after such change shall be considered as an acceptance of such modified policy.

11. Grievance Redressal:
In case of any concern of grievance about Privacy please contact us at

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