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PilotPatola – A Wedding Story That Took Off On The Wings Of Love | Harneet Bhusari & Kunwarjit Singh

By TGB Desk / On January 16th, 2018


We are back from the Sankranti break. Having spent one of the best weekends ever at a native village (in Andhra Pradesh) of a team member, who for some bizarre reason decided to invite the whole team. We spent our time catching up with friends, practicing our forgotten Rangoli skills, watching folk arts, eating luxurious lunches, participating in Kite flying competitions and of course, shopping for gorgeous handlooms. In short, we had a whale of a time. We hope your weekend was equally as beautiful!

The moment we logged in today morning, we got an alert – One of our loyal readers is getting married in 4 days (on 21st Jan 2018)! She had shared her couple shoot with us few days back. So we immediately jumped ship on what we were doing, as we wanted to get it up on our website before the wedding. A small little gift to the beautiful bride-to-be! 🙂

So let’s start the week off with a beautiful couple shoot full of love, friendship and laughter. What we absolutely love about this shoot is its simplicity. No fancy dresses, no exotic locations, no over-the-top props, just plain, simple love!

From the bride-to-be Harneet….”We met at a common friend’s birthday party. We spoke for some time and casually exchanged numbers before bidding goodbye to each other. We used to chat sometimes, but nothing major happened,” laughs Harneet. They didn’t meet for a long time. He is a commercial pilot and she is a journalist turned PR professional. “Both being working professionals, time is always a key factor, you see.” she smiles and adds “We met after almost six months. We both knew that we liked each other, but we never confessed.” This went on for some time until he decided to break the ice.

“Do you know something? When he first asked me out, I said NO,” grins Harneet. “I was super thrilled, but was not in a haste to say yes. And that’s because, I was very sure that if I say yes, then that would lead to marriage and I didn’t want it,” says Harneet. “Don’t get me wrong – I wanted to get married, but only after proper consideration of the possible consequences,” she pauses to look at her fiance and winks at him. “Oh come on, it wasn’t like I proposed the next day after we met. I popped the question only after seeing each other for six months,” says Kunwarjit, rolling his eyes.

“Anyway, I wanted our families to give their consent before we decide to take our relationship to the next level. So we told both our families and they responded positively. A week before Valentine’s Day (in 2016) he asked me out and formally proposed. He went down on his knees with a ring and said “Will you please marry me?” And I didn’t find a reason not to say yes,” blushes the bride to be.

She says “He is an absolute romantic at heart. He proposed to me multiple times and every time he caught me by surprise. For instance, once I wanted to have a brownie and so we went to this café. As I was about to finish my brownie, I found a ring. It was hidden in it!” she says. “She blushed so hard that her cheeks turned a beautiful shade of red. It looked as if roses bloomed in her cheeks!” says Kunwarjit with a smile and she blushes some more.

Folks, this guy is a poet at heart and definitely husband goals!

“He treats me like a princess. No, seriously! He sent me a gift every day during my birth month! Can you believe it? I think I am the luckiest girl in the entire world” says Harneet as she signs off. Ah, Love!

“Oh, and by the way, we wanted to do something different and so we created a hashtag for our wedding #pilotpatola (Patola means a beautiful girl in Punjabi). We also created GIFs. Here is the ‘Save The Date’ GIF –

Like it?”

You can find all their GIFs here.

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