Pictures Every Bride Should Get Clicked Before Entering The Wedding Altar

By TGB Desk / On December 8th, 2016

Dear Brides, One of the perks of being a wedding blogger is, well, getting to see insanely gorgeous pics all the time. And our all time favorite picture is the one where the bride and the groom look at each other for the first time. That’s a universal favorite, right? But did you know that there are beautiful moments even before you enter the altar that can be captured and preserved for posterity?

PC: Ashwin Th-Clicker Photography

Here is a list of pictures you want to get clicked when you are getting ready for the wedding ceremony –

  1. Wedding Saree
    Brides invest a lot of time and money in hunting the perfect wedding saree. So a picture of your wedding saree just before you drape it should definitely make it to the album.

PC: The Ombre By Harsheen Jammu

PC: The Ombre By Harsheen Jammu

2. The Mehendi Hands

Haven’t we all heard our grandma say that the intensity of the crimson hue the mehendi leaves on the hands of the bride is an indicator of how much she would be loved by her hubby?! So, it’s only right that those beautiful mehendi adorned hands are captured on lens 🙂

PC: Radhika Pandit Photography

3. Hair do

They say there is something very poetic about the bride who has flowers in her hair! A beautiful shot of the bridal braid adorned with flowers is a must!!

       PC: Studio A

4. Makeup In Progress

A lot goes into the making of a bride and makeup is something very important to make the bride look her best on her wedding day. Document it!

                 PC: Radhika Pandit Photography

5. A mirror Photo

Nothing can beat a picture showing a gorgeous bride getting ready for the wedding ceremony! Add a mirror and it becomes all the more beautiful!

PC: Dilipan Photography

6. Bridal Bangles

You might buy all the diamonds in this world for your little princess but she would be really happy only when she finds bangles that match her wedding ensemble. No, we aren’t exaggerating! So, let your photographer take a picture of those beautiful “circles of light”!

PC: Anupa Shah Photography

7. Blouse Detailing

These days brides want to make a fashion statement with their embellished blouse! Pics that showcase the work of the blouse are mandatory.

                                      PC: Aa Photography

8. With Bridal Jewellery

Jewellery is an important part of wedding trousseau and a bridal look is incomplete without traditional jewellery. If you want to do some justice take a closeup to let the world see your beautiful collection

PC: Ranganath Photography

9. A classic monochrome picture

A monochrome picture doesn’t depend on colours to grab the attention. It tries to capture and reflect the emotion. What’s more, it has got a timeless appeal to it and never goes out of style! So go for it!!

PC: Ranganath Photography

10. A Bridal Portrait

Just take a moment to pose in all your wedding finery and for sure you would get a million dollar picture!

                                      PC: Mystic Studios

11. The Bridal Portrait (Side view)

Make sure to get a picture that covers complete bridal look from side. It captures everything – the hair do, jewellery, saree, detailing on the blouse as well as your enchanting smile!

PC: Harishankar Photography

12. The Bridal Portrait (Back view)

Remember that the best detailing work done is on the back of the blouse, so get a beautiful pic clicked from behind. oh, and by the way, the gorgeous floral braid would make the picture all the more stunning.

                                               PC: Makeup by Shalini Narayanan

13. A bride in waiting

This is one of the moments when the bride is alone with her thoughts – waiting for the groom and a bright future. A must have!

PC: Mystic Studios

14. With Mom

Don’t forget to share a special moment with your friend, guide & philosopher – your mom! And ensure your photographer is there to capture this emotional moment. We are sure this picture will bring a smile whenever you look at it!!

                                      PC: Studio A

15. With the bridesmaids

How can you not have a picture with your beloved bridesmaids?! That’s just not possible!

PC: Studio A

15. Fun Unlimited

A picture of your girlie gang having fun is really adorable!

                             PC: Weddingscapes

16. Arrival of the bride

Have your photographer capture this very special moment when everything fades into the background as the bride takes the center stage.

PC: Photriya Photography

Hope you liked today’s post!

Stay Happy!!

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