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Navratri Colours 2017 : Nine Colours For Nine Days

By TGB Desk / On September 21st, 2017

If there is one festival that celebrates the woman power and feminity, it is Dussehra Navratri. The literal meaning of ‘Navratri’ in Sanskrit is nine nights. Every year, during Navratri, the Mother Goddess is propitiated and worshiped in her nine avatars. During Navratri, each day is dedicated to the worship of a specific manifestation of the Mother Goddess (Maa Durga). Everyday Goddess Durga is decorated in a distinct Alankaaram (attire). As per the custom, women are required to adorn themselves in a different colored outfit and accessories for the divine blessings of Goddess Durga during Navratri. The color palette of Navratri changes every year. The color of the first day of Navratri would be determined based on the day of the week on which the festival begins. And the next eight days follow a fixed color palette.

PC –Aa Photography

Want to know the color palette for Navratri 2017? Here we go….

Navratri Day 1 – Pratipada – September 21st 2017 (Thursday)
Manifestation – Maa Shailaputri (Daughter of Himalayas)
Colour – Yellow

PC – Aswinsuresh Photography

Navratri Day 2 – Dwitiya – September 22nd 2017 (Friday)
Manifestation – Maa Brahmacharini (One who observes celibacy and does penance)
Colour – Green

PC – Lakshmi Photography

Navratri Day 3 – Tritiya – September 23rd 2017 (Saturday)
Manifestation – Maa Chandraghanta (One who wears a half moon on her forehead)
Colour – Grey

Navratri Day 4 – Chaturthi – September 24th 2017 (Sunday)
Manifestation – Maa Kushmanda (one who created the Universe)
Colour – Orange

PC –Aa Photography

Navratri Day 5 – Panchami – September 25th 2017 (Monday)
Manifestation – Maa Skandamata (Mother of Lord Karthikeya)
Colour – White

PC –Weva Photography

Navratri Day 6 – Shashti – September 26th 2017 (Tuesday)
Manifestation – Maa Katyayani (Daughter of Sage Katyayana)
Colour – Red


Navratri Day 7 – Saptami – September 27th 2017 (Wednesday)
Manifestation – Maa Kalaratri (She is also known as Subhankari and makes her devotees fearless)
Colour – Royal Blue

PC – UM Pictures India

Navratri Day 8 – Ashtami – September 28th 2017 (Thursday)
Manifestation – Maa Maha Gauri (Meaning extremely white; Wife of Lord Shiva)
Colour – Pink

PC –Sruvam Photography

Navratri Day 9 – Navami – September 29th 2017 (Friday)
Manifestation – Maa Sidhidatri (Giver of Sidhis and mystic powers)
Colour – Purple

PC – Harishankar Photography

Navratri Day 10 – Vijayadashami – September 30th 2017 (Saturday)
Manifestation – Maha Tripurasundari / Raja Rajeswari

Happy Navratri! Jai Mata Di!!

Stay Happy!!!


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