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Mithoo: A New Vibrantly Beautiful Collection By Udd

By TGB Desk / On September 7th, 2018

Hello Lovelies,
How is your Friday treating you so far? All set for the weekend? We certainly hope so!
So, ready for some fashion inspiration today? But of course you are! And we know it. We call it a ‘Fashion Friday’ for a reason. Isn’t it?
We first found this brand Udd through their Facebook page, and quite simply (& promptly) fell in love with their collections. Yuti Edward is the soul behind the brand and has a fantastic sense of style, which is very Indian. When asked who her target customers are, she smiles and says, “Udd is for the free-spirited woman, who lives life with fervour!”.

The Udd Lady ‘Yuti’

Collection after collection, they come up with iconic sarees that we seriously think should find their way to the trousseau of brides across India. Mithoo, their new collection, is so gorgeous with elements of glitz and glamour that we are unable to pick a favourite. No, seriously! The collection has high quality cotton sarees (in vibrant colours) designed with extra love and embellished with adorable parrot motifs and lovely tassels. These sarees would definitely enhance your grace and elegance! Oh, and by the way, this collection is not just for the saree connoisseurs. There are a few one piece garments that would make a beautiful addition to your wardrobe.

Alright without much ado, let us present the latest collection ‘Mithoo’ from Udd –

From Udd
โ€œ’Mithoo’ is a range of handwoven sarees and handmade garments that will remind you of simple things that bring joy to you every day. The delicious smell when the first rain drops hit the ground, gentle swaying of the trees, the splash of moonbeams, the flush of a tangerine dawn, the flitting of a butterfly amidst the lush valleys…isn’t that enough to uplift your spirits?
With Udd’s #mithoo, you can sing in and out of life like a parrot in spring time.โ€ โ€“ Team Udd
We think the name of the collection is too cute. We have been saying it aloud just to hear it once more! ๐Ÿ™‚
The Mithoo Sarees are priced at Rs. 8,500 and garments at Rs. 5,800 and are now available on their website. You can check out their entire collection here.

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