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Make A Complete Fashion Statement With A Traditional Half-Sari

By TGB Desk / On May 21st, 2017

Our hearts did a happy jig when we opened our inbox today morning! We have received a few engagement pictures of a gorgeous bride. She was sparkling in the most beautiful half-sari we have ever seen. With beautiful jewelry and a bridal hairdo adorned with floral accessories, she looked like a princess!

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Half-sari is one garment that will make you look beautiful effortlessly. When teamed up with traditional jewelry and flowers laden hair do, it makes the wearer look ethereal and exotic. This beautiful attire can lend you the intrigue that no other outfit can give!

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Come to think of it, this traditional South Indian outfit has disappeared off the fashion radar for quite a few years. Anarkali has become the all-season, any-occasion fashion staple in our wardrobes. But do you know what kept this gorgeous outfit from totally vanishing from the public memory? South Indian film directors and the actresses. Almost all the leading ladies have sported this beautiful outfit in their films and paved the way for it to regain its popularity.

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Thus, the traditional Langa Voni or Pavadai Dhavani has made a strong come back and stood its ground. No, we aren’t saying it has attained the status of daily wear. We know very well that it’s unrealistic and too much to ask for. But in recent years half-sari has emerged as go-to festive wear. Young girls are choosing half-saris for festivals and family weddings. It’s nice to see youngsters donning this traditional outfit without their mothers coaxing them to!



Traditionally, girls used to wear paavadai (Indian skirt) & blouse until they attained puberty. In South India, Coming of age ceremony also known as Half-sari function is celebrated when a girl attains puberty. The girl wears a half-sari gifted to her by her maternal grand parents during the first part of the function. And during the second half of the function she changes into a sari given to her by paternal grand parents. This ceremony marks her transition from girlhood to womanhood.

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Contemporary Twist

This traditional garment has been given a makeover by the fashion designers to make it a tad bit more appealing to the modern brides. Gone are the days when the half sari comprised of a Kanjeevaram silk paavada (Indian skirt) with heavy zari border, plain chiffon voni or dhavani and a simple blouse. These days, half-sari is anything but boring attire! This conservative dress has come a long way over the years.

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They come in variety of fabrics and vibrant colours. They are paired up with heavily embroidered blouses and voni or dhavani with an exuberant border. Those who want to add a touch of glamour and a contemporary twist, mix and match it with a high neck blouse or a crop top. They can also be teamed up with statement jewellery for that chic yet traditional look.

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Want some more good news? New age brides have made this garment an essential part of their bridal trousseau. Half-sari is usually worn during pre-wedding ceremonies such as Engagement, Nalungu or traditional bridal shower ceremony. Inarguably, a bride in an exquisite half-sari with opulent jewellery and elaborate hairdo laden with fresh flowers and ornaments looks nothing short of a princess!!

Pure unadulterated gorgeousness! Scroll further to see some more brides who dazzled in a half-saree –

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PC: Ashwin Kireet Photography

PC: Ranganath Photography

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PC: Sairam Candid Photography

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PC: Ranganath Photography

Aren’t they just so incredible?! Are you planning to sport a half-sari for your engagement? Yes? Do let us know.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Stay Happy!!

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