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By TGB Desk / On July 14th, 2017

“When my dad told me about him and handed over his picture, I was a little apprehensive,” she says. “I tried to form an opinion about him with whatever little information I had but I couldn’t. Being an only child, I felt, there is a good chance that he could be spoilt for choice and pampered to the core.

But again, I was told that he was in a boarding school right from his Kindergarten to Post-graduation. So there is a distinct possibility that he might have turned out into someone who is organised and self-sufficient. I really couldn’t arrive at any conclusion” laughs Keerthi.

“Really? You never told me this. Do I look like a spoilt brat?” Sujay asks in mock anger. Their eyes meet, they share a long look and then both of them crack up.

Wedding Story
“I am a Chennai girl. I completed my Engineering and started working for an IT Firm. After close to two years, I decided to take a break to get married. When my parents started looking for alliances, I told them upfront not to look for NRI grooms as I didn’t want to shift to another country” she says and adds “They came to know about Sujay through someone and approached his family.

Once both the sets of parents met, they felt we would make a good couple and so they passed on the details to us. And that’s when I felt little a apprehensive.”

“A date was set when both the families would formally meet. A few days before the meeting I received a message on facebook from him asking if I would be okay to chat with him before the actual meeting” she says with a smile and looks at him.

“Yes, I felt it would be nice to speak once before the actual meeting. Just to avoid any kind of embarrassment later. Also, I thought it would give us a little more time to take an informed decision, you see.” says Sujay. “Ah nice strategy, mister!” chuckles Keerthi.

“Anyway, we started chatting and just five minutes into the conversation, I felt very comfortable talking to him. After those initial five minutes, it never occurred to me that I was speaking to a total stranger. In some ineffable way he felt very familiar” blushes the new bride.

“So they arrive on the scheduled day and the minute he stepped into our home he took charge of the situation. He mingled really well and was conversing with everyone in our family. His parents spoke to me as if I am their long-lost-daughter. There was not even one awkward moment. If a new person were to see us then, he would never be able to guess that we belong to two different families. It was like a dream!” says Keerthi and the sparkle in her eyes is unmistakable.

“We were still speaking when Ram made the announcement. He said we can go ahead with the wedding plans if I like him too. I didn’t find any reason not to say ‘Yes’ and so we got married in a beautiful ceremony amidst happy friends and family!” she adds.

Wedding Shopping
“I was very particular about how my wedding is going to be. I have handpicked not just my outfits and jewellery but everything including the return gifts. It was aftermath of Demonitisation and we had a tough time arranging cash. As you know, wedding industry is unorganised and we had to pay cash for every service. So we decided that one person would be assigned bank duty and Sujay was elected for this post unanimously” Keerthi doubles up with laughter.

“Yes, I was made to stand in the long ATM queue in the hot sun every single day until after the wedding. Can you believe it? I never asked to be given a special treatment but I expected a little humanity!” complains Sujay. “Oh, yeah? I didn’t know you were so complexion conscious. Else, I would have suggested a good facial” teases Keerthi. We all laugh and Sujay joins in.

“On a serious note, it was very difficult for all of us. One fine morning, we went to Salem to buy return gifts and then we heard the News. Our beloved CM – Puratchi Thalaivi Jayalalitha passed away. A wave of calm descended on the whole of Tamil Nadu. It was frightening. We somehow managed to return home with heavy hearts” recalls Keerthi.

We always thought we were documenting wedding stories but looks like we are capturing slice-of-life moments.

Funny Moments
When asked to recount any funny moment “Oh, there were so many that we lost count. But if you ask me to pick one incident then it would be my Vidai ceremony. I haven’t cried at all during my wedding – neither during Muhurtam nor during Vidai. The photographer was furious with me. He was later joking as to how he had to choreograph sad shots.

Usually he has to choreograph couple shots but in my case he had to beg me for a sad expression. It was too funny. Imagine a hundred people laughing around you and you are faking sadness!!” she bursts out into a laughter.

“Oh and by the way, forgot to mention this before. My husband isn’t organised (Alas!) and not spoilt (Thank God!) like how I expected him to be. Well, let’s face facts, he is an extremely extrovert person. In other words, a talkative, just like me! So, in a way, you can say we are ‘made for each other’ couple!” she giggles as she signs off.

Aren’t they adorable? 

Thank you Keerthi and Sujay for sharing your beautiful memories with us. Here is wishing you both a lifetime of happiness and love!!

Stay Happy!!!

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