Love story through an illustration | Ashwini Bhat & Venkatraman Bhat

By TGB Desk / On September 26th, 2016

“I was so impressed with his art works and thoughts that I proposed to him. And then on the day we decided to meet I was little apprehensive about his height (Yes, we have never met in person!). But when he arrived I had to tilt my head up to look into his eyes. He is so tall! At that very moment, I have put an imaginary garland around his neck!!” says our Kannada Kasturi – Ashwini.

Isn’t it poetic? But what do you expect from a girl who is the daughter of a Sanskrit Professor and loves singing Bhaavageethe?!

It all started with a friend request on the facebook (who would have thought that a simple friend request would change your life!). By the way, she hasn’t accepted it at first.

“One day my brother spoke about his blogger friend and his blog Roopantara. We share similar interests with our parents – books, poetry, music and art. So, whenever one of us comes across an interesting book or a blog we share it with other family members.

And I realised it’s the same guy who sent me a friend request. Immediately I checked out his blog. It was awesome with beautiful illustrations and very meaningful write-ups. I felt our wavelengths matched perfectly.  That’s when I accepted his friend request. And thus began our love story!

“Venky used to call me sometimes to listen to my bhaavageethe (perceptive songs with a poetic touch).

A couple of months later I felt I should let him know of my feelings for him now or else I wouldn’t get an opportunity to do so later. And so I did! He was all flustered by this sudden proposal and he suggested that I should meet him once before taking such a huge step. I thought “oh-so-responsible guy” and fell for him all over again!” 🙂

Then we met at my hometown which has the most beautiful beach – Apsarakonda, Honnavara.

We were taking a walk along the sea-shore when he suddenly went down on his knee to propose. He gave me an yellow guinea flower (that he found at the beach), chocolates and a pair of anklets that he bought with his first salary!”
(Anklets?! This guy really has a heart of a poet!!!)

Fast forward a couple of years, and we are a happy couple about to celebrate our second wedding anniversary! He is very understanding and I feel I am forever lucky and blessed!!!

Hope you loved reading this love story!
Stay Happy!!

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