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By TGB Desk / On September 10th, 2018

Hello Ladies! How are you doing out there?

Do you know something – We at TGB HQ, get very excited about Mondays. No, seriously! That way we are different, you see. And this week we are a tad bit more excited. And the reason? A few days back, we found a gifted mehendi artist on Instagram and immediately knew that we needed to get in touch with her to know more. We asked her for a little interview and she happily agreed to share her inputs and pics. And now we are ready to share Darcy Vasudev’s interview with you guys. Please scroll down for some Mehendi inspiration that will hopefully make your Monday sparkle.


1. How and when did you start your career as a mehendi designer?
I started my career by accident about 15 years ago. I had quit my corporate job to pursue a more artistic lifestyle and I was really just doing mehndi as a hobby. I had my first bridal mehndi request and did the most awful design ever, but it inspired me to refine my skills and eventually became the majority of my business! As the Bay Area became saturated with mehndi artists over the last 6 years, I started focusing on destination weddings instead, so now most of my bridal work is in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.


2. How would you define your style?
I have a fine art background, so my style works with a lot of classical art theory, such as using negative space and odd numbers of elements. I treat each design as if it’s an outfit. It needs to flatter the body shape, and use a variety of textures and accents. I tailor each design to complement the individual. I still enjoy incorporating traditional elements, but I stay away from the dense, cluttered “crazy quilt” look that is often seen in Indian mehndi.


Negative Space Henna

3. What inspires your designs?
Anything and everything can be inspiring, but I especially love architecture, tiles, and textiles, so many of my designs have quite a bit of structure. When I do a more flowing design, I try to imagine the design is caught in current in the sea, and make the design flow gracefully across the hands or body.


4. How do you come up with a unique design for every bride?
I ask each bride what her likes and dislikes are, and then when I see the shape of her hand I usually have a good idea of what will work for her, mostly through intuition. It’s always a surprise what actually flows from my henna cone! I try not to repeat or copy designs, as that would become quite boring. Luckily most of my clients give me freedom to be creative.


Classic Mehendi Design

5. What major bridal trends (mehendi) do you foresee for 2018?
I think a growing trend is what I call “slow mehndi”. Gone are the days of wanting a super fast (and sloppy) artist. Today’s brides are spending more for mehndi that is more precise, creative and personalized, which often takes considerably longer. Another popular addition is a sexy design for the honeymoon, or decorative pieces that may show through an open-backed outfit. And as the word has spread about the dangers of commercially produced cones, more brides are taking care to choose a mehndi artist who is certified in natural henna and mixes their own henna paste.


Honeymoon Mehendi Design


Open Back Henna

6. Any tips for the brides-to- be?
Don’t move, and don’t talk with your hands! But seriously, in today’s fast-paced world, many brides have a hard time putting their phones away, and miss the opportunity to enjoy the meditative process of receiving henna. Relax and enjoy, ladies! Aside from that, schedule your mehndi party for a different time, so you can mingle with your guests instead of being stuck in a chair. And for those who are particular about mehndi, you should make sure to book 6-12 months in advance in order to reserve your favorite artist.



Floral Henna

Gorgeous designs, aren’t they??!

Thank you Darcy for being a guest here today at TGB. We just enjoyed immensely knowing about your passion and also, your love for mehendi. You can check out her designs here.

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3 Responses

  1. Darcy says:

    Thanks again for featuring my work! xo

  2. Bhavdeep Kaur says:

    I think the idea of slow Mehndi is fantastic. It really gives the bride (or whoever is receiving) the opportunity to relax and decompress and imbibe in the Healing aspect of Henna. Thank you for sharing!

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