If It’s Meant To Be, It Will Be | Usha & Naveen

By TGB Desk / On November 2nd, 2016

“If something is meant to happen, it will, at the right time with the right person for the best reason. That pretty much describes our story.” remarks Usha as she narrates her wedding story.

“Ours is an arranged marriage; we had our profiles set up on matrimony websites and our parents did the initial filtering and our phone numbers were exchanged.

It was July 12th 2015 when we spoke for the first time and it was an instant connection. Strangely, even though it was the first conversation, we both felt we really understood each other very well.

Late July, we met in San Francisco and again we had a heightened sense of ease and comfort with each other. It didn’t seem like we were talking to someone new. I loved his wisdom and maturity while he loved my sensibility. We felt we were like 2 pieces in a jigsaw puzzle-custom made for each other!” she says, flashing a bright smile.

“Naveen met my family and they thought he’d be a great fit for me. Within a week, he visited me in Los Angeles and popped the question and I said Yes! I then met his family and loved their warmth and welcoming nature. Our wedding was agreed upon by families and a wedding date was set!

In one of our conversations, we realized that my matrimony profile was suggested to Naveen by the website long ago. Since it was one of those everyday subscription emails, it didn’t catch his attention then. That’s when we thought-If it’s meant to be, it will be!”

Over time, our comfort, love and attraction only grew for each other.

That was our journey and on August 18th 2016, we tied the knot!

I did all my shopping for my wedding from Hyderabad. I chose Kanjeevaram silk sarees for all major wedding ceremonies – receiving the baraat (edurukolu), Haldi / Nalugu and wedding.

“We chose Falaknuma palace for our post wedding shoot. Falak-numa means “mirror of the sky”. True to it’s name, it feels like the palace reflects the celestial beauty! We had an amazing time together!”

About the photography Team –

“Sudhakar and team did an outstanding job at our wedding. They are very creative and adaptive to the situation. They know how and when to capture the right moments. Sudhakar works with you to understand your style and makes sure that the pictures match your taste. He also worked with my make-up artist to get a wow-worthy look for the wedding pictures and videos.

Our pictures and candid video turned out beautiful. When Sudhakar says he does candid photography, they are truly candid indeed. They clicked our pictures during our naturally happy moments and not once did we feel uncomfortable that we had to pose. The processing and presentation is amazing! We got so many compliments from friends and family for the beautiful videos and pictures. We will truly cherish these for our lifetime.

If you are looking for a photographer for your special occasion, look no further. Sudhakar is your guy. I’d highly recommend Sudhakar and team!”

A few more pics from this gorgeous Hyderabadi Telugu wedding –









Thanks so much to Usha and Naveen for sharing their wedding story and pics with us. And special thanks to the talented photographer Sudhakar Bichali from Weddingscapes for capturing such beautiful pics.

Stay Happy!

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