How To Care For Your Floral Accessories?

By TGB Desk / On April 13th, 2018

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We think there is something poetic about a bride with flowers in her hair. Floral accessories are whimsical, romantic and ultra-feminine and add to the blooming beauty of the bride.

Photo by Roma Ganesh Photography | Outfit by Soumya Nandivada 

Alright, truth be told, this post actually started out as a regular post on flower jewelry but we thought of giving out some wedding gyan today. That way we are very generous, you see! 

For the bride to look her best on her wedding day, everything must be perfect, including these floral beauties. And for them to remain fresh as a daisy (pun intended!), you need to take good care of them. Are you baffled as to why you need to take care of the flowers as you would be wearing them just for a few hours on your wedding day? Please note that depending on the time of the delivery, the flowers might have been sourced a day before the wedding. Also, the flowers might be delivered a few hours before the actual wedding. And once these accessories are delivered to you, the onus of responsibility lies with you to prevent the flowers from wilting or withering. You don’t want to wear a slightly wilted floral crown, right? So it helps if you have some tips handy.

PC – Harishankar Photography | Floral Accessories – Pelli Poola Jada

Here are a few tips for making your flowers last as long as possible –

1. Remember, the basic thumb rule is to take care of them as babies.
2. It helps to know which flowers are relatively more delicate. For instance, jasmines wither faster when compared to roses.

PC – @Dollyouup_bys
3. Upon delivery, keep the flowers in a cool room without direct sunlight if refrigeration facility is not available. Direct heat or harsh sunshine can cause wilting. Psst…Even direct air-conditioning might cause damage!
4. If the flowers are delivered in a box, then its best to keep them in the box until you need them. Make sure no one touches the petals unnecessarily to avoid bruising. Just remember – the less handling, the better.

PC – Abhisakshi Photography
5. You may use a flower spray to give the flowers some mist. It will keep them fresh and hydrated. But before you wear the floral accessories, dab them delicately with a soft cloth to avoid the water marks on your wedding ensemble.

PC – Bride ‘Shivani’ |  Floral Accessories – Pelli Poola Jada
6. You can store the fresh flower accessories in a refrigerator crisper (the box where vegetables are stored), but not in freezer box (where ice is made). Placing it in freezer will freeze the flowers and turn the flowers soggy and black. Be careful!

PC – Kamal Kiran Photography | Floral Accessories – Pelli Poola Jada
7. If you have to take the flowers to the venue, then carry them in the box provided by the florist. Handle with great care!
8. Do not expose the flowers to hair spray or perfume.

PC – Coolbluez Photography | Floral Jewelry – Anoo Flower Jewellery
9. Last but not the least, you can keep your bouquet fresh for upto a week by following this procedure – place it in a vase filled with water, cut the stems regularly every two days, change the water every day and spray the bouquet with a flower spray.

PC – Lumiere Wedding Company

How gorgeous are these floral accessories?!

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