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How To Accessorise Your Kanjeevaram Saree

By TGB Desk / On February 10th, 2018

Well, confession time, folks. Someone in our team suggested that it’s high time we do another post on Kanjeevaram sarees. But to be honest, what can one say about this gorgeous weave that hasn’t been said before? Every Indian woman (& quite a few non-Indian sisters) has heard of its legendary super powers. Be it a wedding or a festival or any traditional occasion, a woman in Kanjeevaram never fails to make a mark. It’s a given that it has the power to transform you into the most beautiful woman.

PC – Kamal Kiran Photography

It is perhaps one of the most iconic fashion staple in any Indian Woman’s wardrobe. In fact, your wardrobe cannot be called comprehensive if you do not add a gorgeous Kanchi pattu saree to it. So, how do we accessorise this classic fashion statement? How do you ensure that you, in your favourite Kanjeevaram, remain the center of attraction?

Here are a few accessories that will complement your lush silk saree –

1. Blouse

A blouse is a stylish but unpretentious accessory that has the power to completely transform the entire look of the wearer. And that’s exactly why a stunning blouse would be remembered much better than the actual saree. A not-so-heavily embellished blouse (unless, of course, you are the bride) looks absolutely perfect with Kanjeevarams. These days an elbow length blouse with huge Kanjeevaram border for sleeves is in vogue. You can also opt for a blouse with illusion back that’s embellished with a single beautiful motif. Remember that experimenting with sleeves and neck patterns can make a lot of difference.

PC – Aa Photography

PC – Deepak Vijay Photography | Bridal Blouse – Avani Design Studio

PC – Sumuhurtham Photography

2. Necklace

necklace has the power to glamorise the already glamorous Kanjeevaram! It can make the saree reach new levels of beauty and elegance. It can be said that temple jewelry and Kanjeevaram are a match made in fashion heaven. Traditional jewelry has made a huge comeback, and it looks like they are not going away any time soon. So, go for a traditional Kaasu Mala or mango mala and watch your saree reach its full potential. A beautiful layered necklace also would look good.

PC – Pixpre Studios By Photriya

Saree & Jewelry – Rahjam Designer Silks |  Makeup – Thulasi Makeup Artist

PC – Harish Kosuru Photography

3. Jhumkas

Nothing, absolutely nothing, can beat the beauty of a woman sporting traditional jhumkas. And no other earrings can complement the Kanjeevaram better than gorgeous jhumkis. So, do not hesitate to pick up those lovely gold jhumkas with temple motifs.

PC – Cahaya Photography

Psst… Chandbalis pair exceptionally well with the Kanjeevaram and are sure to hike it up to a higher fashion standard.

PC – Magic Motion Media

PC – Mystic Studios

4. Bindi & Kajal

Someone rightly said that bindi is one of the greatest cosmetic inventions. Perhaps, there is no other cosmetic that can enhance the beauty of an Indian woman than this forehead mark. It has the power to completely alter the entire look of a woman’s face by giving it a traditional dimension. So do not forget to embellish your forehead with sindhoor or bindi. And kohl-rimmed eyes can take your traditional look to the next level.

PC – Imageo Wedding Reels

5. Gajra / Malli poo Vaeni

A few decades back it was almost impossible to find a South Indian woman without a few strands of neatly strung malli poo (jasmines) adorning her braid. This is one accessory that can make you feel like a princess instantaneously. No, seriously! A few flowers or a fresh flower gajra that’s artfully styled as a hair accessory can definitely lend that vintage glamour and brighten your overall look.

PC – Aishwarya Videos & Photos

PC – Magic Motion Media

6. Bangles

An oldie but a goldie, the bangles guarantee to add that feminine touch to your look! From gold kadas to lac bangles to glass bangles, the options are endless. Choose the ones that suit your style. But if you ask us, glass bangles in kaleidoscope colours are the way to go for maximum impact and a perfect finishing touch to your traditional look.

PC – Aashish Photography

PC – Webandarts

7. Anklets

The delightful sounds made by the anklets are considered very auspicious as it is believed that they announce the arrival of Goddess Maha Lakshmi. But if you think chunky anklets are a bit too far from your fashion comfort zone, try dainty, whimsical ones. Adorn your well-pedicured tootsies with anklets and let your feet do the talking!

PC – Clique Studio

PC – Neeta Shankar Photography

As mentioned before, the Kanjeevaram is a staple of South Indian wedding wardrobe with limitless possibilities. So next time you bring your precious Silk saree out for any occasion, complement it with these accessories and be the show stopper!

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