High school Sweethearts Enter Into A Wedlock In A Classic Fairy Tale Wedding | Shivani & Madan

By TGB Desk / On May 27th, 2017

“Our love story is quite filmy!” says Shivani and looks at Madan with a smile, “He is one year my junior. He was in 9th standard and I was in 10th when he first proposed. By the time we completed our Plus Two, we both were very sure that we wanted to be in the same class. We decided, no more walls separating us from each other! And no more missing each other every single second of every single day! So I took one year off and then we went to the same Engineering College”.

Our Love Story

“Basically, we went to the same school and were good friends. When he told me the first time he likes me, I was shocked. I was too young, too innocent to understand the consequences. So I just kept quiet for some time. But after a few months, I realised that even I like him and so agreed to his proposal. Can’t believe how naive I was!” she laughs.

“But I knew from my heart that we would be always together. And he wouldn’t let go of my hand” Shivani says, thoughtfully.

“My parents and I share a very close relationship and I share everything with them. So the day I accepted his proposal I broke the news to my family and took him home to my parents. Initially they were very very skeptical for obvious reasons.

But I never lost my hope and never gave up. I was very sure that he would work his charm on my parents too. Over next two years, I made them meet him again and again. And guess what? They were so charmed by him that they loved him as their own son!” smiles the new bride.

“We even chose the same university in USA for our masters. He completed his masters and landed a plush job. I would be done with my masters this May. Come to think of it, right from kindergarten to Masters Level we were together.

Just the other day we both were watching our wedding video and all of a sudden he wondered aloud about how much I changed – from that little kid with two pig tails tied with colourful ribbons to a bride with an elaborate hair-do adorned with flowers and ornaments” says the blushing bride.

She adds “but he never changed! His love for me has never changed with time. When we first met he used to look at me with big eyes that were full of admiration and that continues to date!” 


“We wanted to get married before he starts his new job. So we landed in India three months prior to our wedding and left no stone unturned in planning the wedding of our dreams!” she says.

From the decor to the wedding trousseau to wedding venue, everything has been handpicked by us after elaborate research. Our parents, cousins and friends put an incredible amount of hard work. It really turned out to be a wedding of dreams!” says Shivani.

“Immediately after mangalasutra dharana ritual, Madan kissed my forehead. It was so overwhelming, I had tears in my eyes”.

As she says this, colour invades her cheeks and we watch the roses bloom!

Funny Moment

“Oh, by the way, I have to tell you guys something. Like I said, we both were childhood friends and we used to play together all the time. And whatever be the game, Madan used to win hands down every single time.

But during Sthaalipakam ritual (a fun game where the newly married couple has to fetch finger rings that were placed in a vessel that has a mixture of water, milk, flowers and leaves), I won both gold and silver rings! I was super thrilled as they say whoever wins this game would be the dominant one in the couple” chuckles Shivani. She winks at Madan and says “You should pick your battles wisely, understood?!”

It’s nice to watch a best-friend couple who seem to be so happy and genuinely enjoy hanging out together!

Makeup & Hairstyle

Suman did a fantastic job! I did not want heavy makeup and so have asked her to keep it natural and minimal. And the makeup was exactly as I have been hoping for! Hire her if you want to look flawless and radiant on the most important day of your life!


Vijay Eesam turned our best moments into best memories! Everything about working with Vijay was fantastic! He is very efficient, creative and has an incredible eye for detail! A true professional who documents the best day of your life in a best possible way!!

What a beautiful wedding!

Thank you very much Shivani & Madan for sharing your beautiful day with us. Here is wishing the gorgeous couple all the best for their future together!!

Stay Happy!!!

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