He Would Be Here Any Minute Now | Shri Krishnashtami Special Feature

By TGB Desk / On August 14th, 2017

“He must be here any minute now” she thought to herself again for what felt like the 100th time. She looked at her hands adorned with mehendi. Her maid of honour Sulochana had made beautiful designs with mehendi the previous night with great care. Mehendi left behind a deep crimson hue on her hands and it looked as if the roses had decided to bloom on her hands instead of the royal gardens!

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Her chain of thought broke when one of her maids came to apply kohl to her beautiful eyes. Someone started brushing her long lustrous hair and tied it into a bun. She usually plaited her hair and wore lots of flowers.

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But today being special, they styled her hair in a bun and decorated it with a juda pin and a flower vaeni (a semi-circle bow made of flowers that are woven together and is neatly arranged around the hair bun). After she was dressed up, she looked into the mirror and was greeted by the most beautiful girl. Usually she smiled at her reflection but not today! It’s almost time to depart from her paternal home!!

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She went to her brother’s chamber. He was getting ready for the big day. It’s his little sister’s wedding and he was overjoyed as she is getting married to his best friend. When he saw his sister, he turned around and playfully tugged at her vaeni, that was neatly tucked on both sides of her hair-do, lightly. If it were any other day, she would have thrown a tantrum for doing that but not today!

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She gently took his arm adorned with gold armlets and looked at it for a second before releasing it. She felt a little perturbed as she realised that she wouldn’t be able to tie an amulet (popularly known as Rakhi) around his wrist again in this life. She felt miserable but she had asked for it! Her brother then requested her to get ready and said “he must be here any minute now” thinking about his close friend. She nodded as if she already knew what’s to happen and moved to the next chamber.

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Her parents received her warmly and were very glad she had come. It’s been a practice for her parents to first see her before going on with their daily duties. They were about to come to her chamber when she entered theirs. So they were overjoyed as she had decided to pay them a visit that early in the morning. Her mother found it little weird that her gajra was hanging a bit when everything else was perfect. The Queen herself fixed it lovingly. With great difficulty they stopped themselves from folding their hands in a Namastey. Her beauty is so divine that every time they look at her they feel like folding hands in respect. They have to keep reminding themselves that it’s their darling daughter. She bowed to them and they blessed her with a special blessing. She then hugged them and bid adieu. The only other person who knew what’s going to happen is the King. He always wanted to find a worthy suitor for her daughter and his delight in having his wish come true knew no bounds. The princess proceeded to the temple of Goddess Indrani.

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She was holding a garland made of beautiful red hibiscus flowers that she had made and offered it to the Goddess and prayed with eyes closed.

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When she came out of the temple her lips were trembling and her eyes were raining heavily. There was no sight of Him. She felt helpless and didn’t know what to do. Her maids seemed to understand her pain and were standing a few feet away to let her gain control over her feelings. 

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Then all of a sudden, someone gasped and the princess looked up and saw Him! “Oh, Neela Megha Shyama! I knew you would be here any minute” said the gorgeous Rukmini and placed a garland around his statuesque neck before being swept away!!

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Jai Shri Krishna!

Happy Krishnashtami!!

Stay Happy!!!

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