Get Ready To Fall In Love With This Ah-mazing Rainbow Flower Field Shoot | Prakash & Renuka

By TGB Desk / On October 6th, 2017

Hello, Folks!

Today, we are super excited to share a post wedding shoot that’s absolutely gorgeous. When we first saw those pictures, we gasped. We were literally stuck for words (not a good thing for a blogger, right?) and were gushing over the incredible scenery providing an epic backdrop. There are absolutely no words to capture the beauty of the Hokkaido flower fields. At the risk of sounding too poetic, it is as if the rainbow has decided to descend on earth! Seriously, we just can’t get over it!

Prakash and Renuka chose Hokkaido for their post shoot and Aa Photography captured it in all its glory! Every picture has a wow-factor!!

From the groom…We first met on our Engagement day! Can you believe it? We had planned to meet before our engagement, but couldn’t make it as both of us had prior work engagements and were posted in different countries (She was in Singapore while I was working in Japan) at that time. Oh, and by the way, we spoke just once over the phone before we got engaged. But right from day one, we just hit it off immediately. There was never once an awkward moment or silence between us.

Initially, I had planned for a pre wed shoot. I felt it would give us an opportunity to spend some quality time together, but it didn’t work out. So then, I planned for a post wed shoot. We had decided that one of us would join the other after the wedding. And therefore we wanted the shoot to take place either in Japan or Singapore. You see, we wanted to carry memories of our country of residence for life! Finally, we decided on Japan for the shoot!

There are many famous tourist spots in Japan, but I thought I should pick a place that isn’t commonly found on a tourist map. So I zeroed in on Hokkaido. It’s flower fields are really gorgeous and colourful. It was wonderful to visit this beautiful place along with my wife. We had a lovely time. And by the way, I included my favourite car in the shoot as I am obsessed with it (Guys will be guys!).

The pics look absolutely breathtaking and the entire credit goes to the Team Ashok Arsh. We just can’t thank them enough for capturing our memories so well. Hats off to those guys!

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