From High School Classmates To Soulmates For Life | Megha & Arjun

By TGB Desk / On June 20th, 2017

“I am sure all women would agree with me when I say that it’s very uncomfortable when someone is staring at you. It feels strange, awkward and a little odd. Isn’t it? And now imagine being stared at while taking your final exam. This happened to me! I was taking my 8th grade final exam and then I had this strange feeling of being watched. That’s when I found a shy boy looking at me through the window of our school’s library. My heart raced a little but surprisingly I didn’t feel apprehensive at all. But then I got engrossed in answering the questions and forgot all about that shy kid “says Megha and adds “And by the way, I remember thinking ‘What a weird kid!’ and smiling to myself. I was pleasantly surprised when i saw him in my class the following year!”

Our Love Story

Arjun and Megha bumped into each other again when they were in 9th standard. “We quickly became friends and spent next two years doing what typical teenage friends do together – studies, movies, projects, all-day-long calls and exam preparation. Not even once did I think that I would end up getting married to this shy guy. Not even in the wildest of the wild dreams! We were polar opposites! I am outgoing and extrovert. He is shy, quiet and an introvert. But, like they say, opposites attract,” she says.

It was a typical teenage love story. “Initially, we fought a lot and patched up innumerable times. I feel our love story is quite filmy. Remember all those filmy love stories that always start off with two teenagers fighting to their wit’s end and then eventually falling for each other” chuckles Megha.

After two long years of fighting with each other, Arjun summoned up courage to ask her out.”Know what? He did that in front of the whole world in a Pizza Hut. It’s a feat in itself considering how shy he is! But I have promptly turned him down at that time (Back then, I was an idealist you see). After being pursued for a few months, I agreed when I couldn’t resist those puppy eyes any longer!” she recalls.

Thus began their beautiful love story full of multi-hued happiness in Summer 2006! “It’s been eleven long years since that summer and it feels nothing has changed” beams Megha.

And then it was time to make some important life decisions. “Arjun decided to move to USA and we didn’t know what that would mean for our relationship. We had heard about long distance relationships but we were little apprehensive about it. I played around with different options for a while but luckily, I decided to move too”.

“I guess ever since we’ve known that we wanted to get married and be together. Our parents knew about our relationship from the start and were cool about it. So what started off as a puppy love has now grown into a most profound relationship that we both cherish and are really grateful for!” says the new bride with sparkling eyes.

The Wedding Planning

“Planning a wedding is hard enough, trying to arrange everything being thousands of miles away is a different ball game altogether. Arjun and I always wanted a simple outdoor wedding. What mattered to us was being surrounded by the people we love and those who matter to us.

We, unequivocally chose The Woodrose Club because there was something charming about getting married beneath mango trees and the entire place seemed sublime. Oh, and by the way, all those beautiful mango trees reminded me of the summer when I said ‘Yes’!” smiles Megha.

Wedding Shopping

“Most of my saree shopping was done by my mom as I wouldn’t have had enough time to do it all just a few days before the wedding. I bought my Sangeeth lehenga at Pernia’s Pop Up shop (Label – Mahima Mahajan) and thankfully, it came ready to fit. A lot of my jewellery shopping was done at Krishnaiah Chetty & Sons.

They have some of the most beautiful collections but again I am not a huge Gold jewellery fan. Arjun got his suit tailored at PN Rao and Sons. I must say he looked like a billion bucks” says Megha.

The Wedding

“We had three main events: Sangeeth / Mehendi, Wedding and Reception. My friends helped around a lot for Sangeeth. We had fun games for everyone, soulful music, good food and beautiful performances. And the crisp evening winds of Bangalore added to the moment.

I loved the event as it was intimate with just 60 close friends & family and everyone loosened up to have fun. But Arjun loved the ‘muhurtam’ the most! He said it felt like it was just the two of us in the moment and for him nothing else seemed to matter. The decor and being surrounded by near and dear ones was a perfect setting for our wedding” she says.

Special / Funny / Overwhelming Moment

“For me, all the three encompassed into a single moment. We Hi-Fived right after tying the knot which felt like such a funny thing to do. But it felt the right thing to do at the moment as that’s the only way we’ve known each other – funny and stupid!” laughs Megha.


“We like Sudeep Bhattacharya ‘s work because he doesn’t necessarily add too many filters to make a moment special and out of this world. He captures moments in a special way with natural lighting and tries to keep them that way. Luckily, every vendor whom we have worked with was remarkably sweet. We were particularly impressed with the Woodrose Club’s staff for bringing together everything and indulging our whims” says a visibly elated Megha.

What a lovely wedding day you guys had!!

Huge Thank You to Megha and Arjun for sharing their story and their special day with us.

Congratulations on your wedding! Our very best wishes to both of you for a wonderful life together!!

Stay Happy!!!

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