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By TGB Desk / On May 15th, 2019

Hello dear readers, how are you today? We at the TGB HQ, are doing great! What’s so great about working on a Wednesday (It is not even Thursday yet) in the middle of a baking-hot summer? you may ask. Well, one of our team members just came back from his village with a carton full of mangoes. And now, a dozen plump juicy mangoes are sitting on our dining table waiting to be devoured. Now you know why! Alright, before we digress any further, let’s get back to what we wanted to blog today – how to plan an eco-friendly wedding.

So we thought of speaking to someone who has immense knowledge (& experience) in planning eco-friendly events / weddings. We sat Kalpana (Founder of Decor By Krishna & Pelli Poola Jada) down and had a chat over a cup of coffee. “Planning a wedding is immensely intimidating and overwhelming enough without having an added twist of ‘eco-friendly’ to it. But opting for an eco-friendly wedding is more beneficial in the long run. Trust me, we can plan a beautiful wedding by going green.” says Kalpana with a smile. “I think these days, we are inundated with various options,” she says and adds “But what’s more important is that you need to be happy. And you will be really happy with an earth-loving celebration!”

Here are the five tips by Kalpana for a beautiful ‘Green’ wedding –

1. Wedding Venue – “I am fully aware that destination weddings are in! But my suggestion is get married locally. That way you would cut a lot of fuel consumption. Also, go for a venue that doesn’t need an elaborate decor. Haven’t we all heard that simple is always beautiful?!” she says. We did!

2. Go Local is the mantra – “Do you know that you can significantly cut down your carbon footprint by hiring local vendors? So encourage local talent and support your local economy. Not trying to plug-in, but we at Decor By Krishna use locally sourced flowers, leaves and fruits for decor. And we train and provide employment to local women from economically backward sections.” Says Kalpana with unmistakable pride in her eyes. We wish more such women tread the path of entrepreneurship.

3. Food & Beverages – “There was a time when any wedding feast in South India was served on a green banana leaf. Imagine being seated in front of a fresh green banana leaf with a heap of steaming white rice, aavakaya (mango pickle), tomato chutney, bhendi fry, yellow dal (lentils), ghee, mixed vegetable stew (pulusu), curd and a sweet – what a meal it used to be! Now imagine yourself trying to balance a plastic plate loaded with different varieties of food on one hand and eat with another at the same time. Why do we subject our wedding guests (& our planet) to such indignities? Why can’t we go back to the good old banana leaf days? Is it that hard? I don’t think so!” The pain in her voice can’t be missed. We wish we had answers to at least few of her questions.

4. Old is Gold – “No seriously! Who said you need to buy everything new for your big day? Can you not wear your mother’s wedding saree or grandmother’s heirloom jewellery on your wedding day? Why not! Yes, add some character, sentimentality and their blessings too to your bridal look.” beams Kalpana.

Ladies! Remember that Kaasu mala in your grandma’s jewelry box? The one she has been intent on making you wear one day? Yes? Just go for it! 🙂

5. Waste Disposal – “Make sure there is a proper waste disposal in place. Ensure separate bins for plastic waste and bio-degradable waste. Try not to use non-biodegradable substances in the first place. At least minimise their use. Can we supply cool drinks or tea in small mud tumblers (kulhar) instead of plastic cups? You just need to think of the alternate ways. Going eco-friendly is not just a temporary phase. It’s a lifestyle!” she says before signing off. 

Let there be a thought behind our every action. Let’s not leave a carbon footprint on our beautiful home we call Earth.

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  1. A. prasaad rao says:

    Fine idea encouraging eco friendly wedding arrangements.. Thanks to kalpana garu and lakshmi arya garu for their innovative ideas and to support local vendors

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