Five Beautiful Pre-Wedding Ceremonies (Steeped In Tradition) From Across India

By TGB Desk / On April 11th, 2018

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At TGB HQ, we are all about the traditions that trigger the magic which surrounds the Indian weddings. We absolutely adore the timeless rituals, beautiful customs, effortless elegance and most of all the meaning behind those traditions.

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We are sure these cultural traditions, that survived centuries of modernization, will remain the same a hundred years from now. And the reason for this is the meaning that they hold behind them. So we’ve decided to round-up a few of our favourite traditions that make Indian weddings truly meaningful.

Engagement (Ring Ceremony / Sagai)

The engagement or a ring ceremony is a pre-wedding celebration that is the first step towards wedding. It serves as the bride’s introduction to the groom’s family and vice versa. In addition, it provides a platform to announce to the world that they are a couple now and are ready to embark on their married life.

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This ceremony is conducted a few months before the wedding in the presence of a priest (Pujari ji). The priest is requested to decide an auspicious date for the wedding as per the couple’s horoscopes. A date that is convenient to both the families is selected out of the options given by the priest. During the ceremony, both the families exchange gifts such as jewelry, clothes and sweets. The couple then exchange rings and proceed to take blessings of the elders.

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Traditionally, the exchange of rings by the couple was not part of Indian engagement ceremonies. This western tradition was adopted and incorporated in Indian weddings and is now followed across India. We are always in the forefront to ‘ring’ in the new, aren’t we?


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Traditionally, Indian weddings are multi-event affairs spread over several days. There are several rituals that take place before, during and after the wedding. Mehendi is one of the most important and beautiful pre-wedding ceremonies. This North Indian tradition is now being celebrated pan India and we cannot be happier about it.

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Mehendi is organised by the bride’s family and is attended by all the women of her family. During mehendi ceremony, the hands and feet of the bride are adorned with henna. This herb stains her hands (& feet) in a beautiful crimson hue. It’s believed that the intensity of the color is directly proportionate to the love her husband would have for her. So brighter and darker the colour of her mehendi, deeper the love he would have for her! Who said love cannot be measured??



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Sangeet is one of the most awaited and fun wedding ceremonies! This ceremony which was celebrated as part of Punjabi weddings stole the heart of the whole country and of late, it is celebrated across India irrespective of regions. This is one ceremony where everyone lets their hair loose and dances to the traditional and movie songs. This event makes you forget the pre-wedding jitters and shake a leg to foot-tapping music!

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In India, Haldi (Turmeric) is considered very auspicious and holds a special significance in all the religious and traditional occasions. Usually a day before the wedding, the bride is given a ceremonial bath with Ubtan or herbal bath powder. Firstly, til oil or herbal oil is applied to the bride by the women of the house; after which turmeric paste is applied. Then she would be given a specially made paste of herbal bath powder, sandal wood powder and rose-water with which she would be asked to take bath.

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Apart from the cultural significance, this ritual also has scientific reason behind it. As per Ayurveda (Indian Medicine System), oil bath has great health benefits. It is believed to remove heat from the body and relax the strained body. In addition, it helps in adding a beautiful glow to the bride as all the ingredients used are natural and home-made.

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This ritual is carried out at groom’s residence as well. In few communities, Haldi is organised for both the bride and the groom simultaneously at a common venue.

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Once this ritual is concluded, the bride and the groom are not supposed to see each other or leave the house until the wedding day. Oh, and by the way, this ritual gives the friends (& cousins) of the bride and the groom a chance to have some harmless fun. Usually this ritual turns into an impromptu Holi (festival of colours), courtesy friends!

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Whoever said friends add color to life must have witnessed this ritual!

Ganesh Puja

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The Hindu tradition consists of praying to Lord Ganesha before any new beginnings or auspicious occasions. Lord Ganesha is widely revered as a God of wisdom, new beginnings, and remover of obstacles. He is worshipped for a blissful and long marital life. Bolo Jai Ganesh!

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