Embarking On A New Journey Of Love, Joy And Togetherness | Sindhu & Kartikeya

By TGB Desk / On June 13th, 2017

“Do you know what impressed me more? No, not his good looks and definitely not the diary milk chocolate bar that he gave me! He happened to have a book in his hands when he came to meet me for the first time and he was using a beautiful blue feather as a book mark! The moment I saw that feather, my heart fluttered” gushes the new bride Sindhu.

Our Love Story

“One evening on a weekend, I visited one of my friends, Poorvi for some chai and some charcha.” says Sindhu and adds “As we were talking, my friend’s mom joined us in our conversation. All three of us were having good time and for some reason the discussion turned to the topic of my marriage. All of a sudden aunty looked at Poorvi and said ‘I think she would make a perfect match for our Karthikeya. What say?’ To my surprise, my friend responded super enthusiastically. And then both of them started filling me in about this perfect guy” she points towards Karthikeya, rolls her eyes and laughs.

It turns out that Kartikeya is Poorvi’s family friend and they are very fond of him. And he had made it clear that he would get married to a strong woman with a mind of her own. And Poorvi’s mom felt Sindhu would be the right fit.

“To be frank, initially I didn’t pay much attention to what they were saying as the thought of marriage never crossed my mind until then. I don’t think it crossed my parents’ either. But as time passed by my curiosity got the better of me and so started actually taking notice of him. He is into blogging, art and photography. Gradually, I started taking liking to his art work and sent a facebook request. That’s when I came to know that he heard a lot about me too. From the same source, of course! We then decided to meet once before we meet along with our families” says Sindhu.

She adds “On a Friday evening, he came to my workplace to pick me up as both of us were going to our native place. Both the families have decided to meet the next day. We took an auto to the bus station and he kept talking to me on random topics such as idol worship, dwaita and adwaita philosophies. I kept smiling and looking at him from the corner of my eye. I was trying to check out the title of the book he was holding and that’s when the blue feather caught my eye!”

The families bonded instantaneously as they had so much common ground and shared many interests. “Both the families met and it felt like a family get together. We were so similar that it was funny. It wasn’t difficult at all to convince them about our marriage.” grins Sindhu. 

Speaking of who proposed first, Sindhu says “Technically speaking, I did!” She pauses to look at Karthikeya and asks “But did you ever say yes?” Karthikeya shrugs “I am an artist. I don’t have to talk to express myself. So in reality I never said ‘yes’ and she never realised it. Until you guys came along and asked her this question. Did you?” he asks Sindhu. We watch their eyes meet and we realise there is no need for further explanation! 

Wedding Shopping

“It was funny how we bought my wedding saree. Few months before our wedding, a new store opened in our locality with loads of lovely offers and crazy deals. Me and my friend decided to check it out and entered the shop. Little did I know that I would end up buying a beautiful red Kanjeevaram saree. The moment I saw I it, lost my heart to it! I was very happy with my purchase until my fiance’ laid his eyes on it. Just before the wedding, we went shopping to get a blouse for it and that’s when he saw it. He didn’t like it one bit. Even I felt it wasn’t ‘Wedding Trousseau’ material. So the hunt for a new wedding saree began. Fortunately, we found one just in time.

I am someone who likes minimalistic jewellery and gold isn’t my cup of tea. So I bought some gold jewellery for my parents’ sake and rented artificial jewellery as well” says the new bride. 

Special Moment

“With great difficulty we convinced our parents not to have a formal engagement ceremony. They agreed on one condition that we shouldn’t oppose to some traditional pre-wedding ceremonies. We ordered for engagement rings (couple rings) but we haven’t decided when, where and how to exchange the rings. One evening we were strolling along the crowded streets of Koramangala after taking the delivery of our rings. And in one crazy moment we decided to exchange the rings then and there. It was so exciting to exchange rings on the middle of the road amidst random crowd! That way we are different!” chuckles Sindhu and he joins in.

Funny Moment

“The one thing we never worried about was the wedding photography. Kartikeya along with his friend owns a photography studio and so it was a natural choice for us to hire the team for our wedding. But what was funny was that Kartikeya wanted to cover the wedding. Obviously, being the groom he couldn’t. Now, could he? He was a little disappointed until someone suggested that he can take pictures during the mehendi ceremony. He was happy donning his role of a professional photographer during mehendi!” she teases him good-naturedly.

Wedding Décor

“We didn’t want to go with the regular décor setups available in the market. Kartik wanted to experiment a little as he wanted a unique decor design. So we had a lot of brain storming sessions with one of his friends, Anirudh who is a theatre artist and theatre background designer. We used to come up with innumerable ideas, and he very patiently used to give his inputs and feedback. Finally, we came up with a design that suits Kartik’s idea of stage décor. Then the hunt for the materials to be used began. We needed jute cloth, pvc pipes, cycle rims, light bulbs and dupattas for the décor which are normally not available in wedding markets. We finally found them in Chikpet market (Bangalore). The day before wedding Karthik was busy setting up the stage. Another friend Nalin helped him with this task” recalls Sindhu.

When asked about the idea behind the innovative décor, Karthik says “Life and light have a beautiful relation. I believe life is a beautiful journey towards the light while taking away the darkness from the lives of the loved ones” he says and adds –

“Here I would like to quote a couple of lines in Kannada from one of my poems. May I?” he looks at us for permission and proceeds as we nod

“ದೂರ ತೀರ ಯಾನ
ಜೀವನ ದೂರ ತೀರ ಯಾನ

(Doora teera yaana
Jeevana doora teera yaana)” he sums up while signing off.

We can’t agree more! And may we add that life’s long journey becomes beautiful and eventful when you have a perfect partner by your side!

Stay Happy!!!

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