Elegant South Indian Wedding With The Most Whimsical Decor Ever | Abinaya & Santhosh

By TGB Desk / On August 21st, 2017

We are back today with some gorgeous wedding inspiration in an effort to get your week off to a pretty start!

Abinaya & Santhosh tied the knot in a traditional Kongu ceremony. This is one of those gorgeous celebrations that you would want to steal ideas from. To say that this wedding is luxuriously beautiful is an understatement. Lush Kanjeevarams, beautiful temple jewellery and exquisite wedding photography – everything was a dream come true! But the real icing on the cake is the stunning decor. The setting is perfect for an extravagant wedding with beautiful lighting. The ornately elegant chandeliers, used in the decor, not just lighted up the whole place but added character to the venue.

The wedding is surreally captured by Mystic Studios. They have done complete justice to this incredible wedding where it’s all about details. We can go on and on, for eternity, about it but we have decided to let the photos and photographer speak for themselves( for a change!) today. So here we go….

From the Photographer…”At the risk of sounding cliched, we want to say that this wedding is very special and close to our heart. We say this because this is the second wedding in their family that we had a chance to photograph. It’s always nice to get validation, especially from your clients. And getting hired a second time by the same family is definitely an honour.

One fine morning we received a call from a girl who introduced herself as one of our client’s sister. We were overwhelmed when she told us that she called us immediately after an alliance was finalised by her parents. She wanted us to cover all the ceremonies starting with Uruthi Vaarthai (a Kongu ceremony where both the families officially seal the alliance). In fact, she had pre-booked us for her wedding even before the wedding dates were finalised. She confirmed the wedding dates before the Uruthi ceremony. That done, we started chalking out our plan for the wedding. The bride-to-be is a natural and is a photo enthusiast whereas the groom is a little camera-shy. So we (the bride-to-be and us) had to devise a plan to make him comfortable around camera before the wedding date. Uruthi and multiple meetings with the couple did the trick and he became camera-friendly.

On the reception night, by the time everyone left it was 2 AM and all of us were super tired. In the evening, we tried to steal the bride and the groom for a few mins for a quick photo shoot but couldn’t do so. So we were a bit disappointed. But the groom surprised (& impressed) us by saying he is ‘in’, for a photo shoot, with a smile. On hearing those words, a smile of delight lit up the bride’s face. We took a few couple shots and do we have to mention that they were gorgeous?!

It was a three day long lavish wedding and we are still awestruck by the sheer grandeur of it all. In a way, our job was made easier as there was beauty everywhere and we didn’t have to worry about the backdrop at all”. 

Such a classic wedding and such adorable couple! May God bless them with Love and joy!

Thank you Mystic Studios for sharing such gorgeous pictures with us!!

Stay Happy!!!

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